Working from your home may be getting boring and possibly becoming nearly impossible with all the distractions family, friends, roommates, and even pets can bring. And then there are times where you just have to get away from the cubicle farm. But in Tampa, there are plenty of remote workplaces that can get you out of your usual places and get the productivity flowing! Tampa has some wonderful workspaces as to where you can get bring your laptop and find wifi with comfortable atmospheres and pleasing aesthetics. And it's so helpful to have a great home-office-away-from-home to get you out of a rut. Here's a list of the best places to work remotely in Tampa!

For a very cozy, living room feel, Felicitous Coffee House in North Tampa creates a one-of-a-kind comfortable atmosphere! A fantastic remote working spot, you'll feel very much at home with the mismatched furniture and shabby-chic decor. Felicitous is in an adorable converted cottage, and if you want to have a 'bring your dog to work day', here you can make that happen; the outside patio is very pet-friendly, and you can even camp out underneath a tree and still use their wifi! 11706 N 51st St, Tampa, FL 33617

Caffeine Tampa is another great coffee spot. Their newest location is on Kennedy and Armenia in the center of Tampa, but the original is downtown on Cass Street. The one on Kennedy is a fantastic place to work with comfortable seats with tables, making it easy on your back to get your laptop work done, and their lunch options are delightful. I've enjoyed some fresh and delicious sandwiches there, and be sure to try the cheesecake! 212 E Cass St, Tampa, FL 33602.

The Hall on Franklin gives another pleasant remote workspace with an abundance of beautiful, natural light, and pleasing designs all around. Options such as seating at the bar to comfy couches with coffee tables give you a nice change up in your workspace. Here you can start with coffee, have a little lunch break with the plentiful options from one of their six different food stalls ranging from poke to gourmet grilled cheese. And if you're working late, enjoy a cocktail at the bar! 1701 N Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602.

Just a block away, FOUNDATION coffee co has an attractive outdoor patio with plants and string lights, making it a nice place to enjoy the weather while getting your productivity on. You can also head inside, sit at the bar, grab some small personal tables, or post up along the window for the extra natural light. Foundation provides a good amount of options so that you can feel renewed when you are lacking motivation in just one location. And the delicious fancy coffee and pastries options are a big bonus! 1607 N Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602.

Hyde Park Village is a relaxing location choice, with the tiny street of Snow Circle surrounding a fountain with shops and restaurants. The fountain provides seating and benches, and the entire area has free wifi! It's a peaceful and cute area, with options close by such as Buddy Brew Coffee providing outdoor tables with umbrellas for a perfect Florida day. There's also a few tables inside for when the afternoon rains arrive, and bar seating allowing you to grab your coffee and get to work! 744 S Village Cir, Tampa, FL 33606.

Buddy Brew Coffee, also has their bigger location on Kennedy Boulevard, which is much larger with plenty of viable working space! With a huge high top table, window seats with power outlets, and of course caffeine access, this could be a consistent spot to make your virtual office. 2020 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606.

If you have a hotspot on your computer, Oxford Exchange is a distinctive location choice. They offer an enormous amount of space and seating such as couches, chairs, tables, bars, and upstairs is their "Commerce Club" for members that need a virtual office on the regular. It's such a pleasant and eye-pleasing space, and is definitely a great option to change up your scenery during your work days. The only downside is they don't provide internet services, but if you've got a hotspot, this is for you! 420 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33602.

Tampa Bay WaVE is by membership, but can also serve as a fantastic virtual office for a day ($15 for a day pass) or even a month (plans begin at $100 for basic services). They helped start the company that runs this website you're reading, but the benefits go beyond the delicious free snacks and coffee (we'll vouch for both). The WaVE is a tech incubator, and there's a constant stream of networking and mentor opportunities available basically every day. Do you need someone to help jump-start your creativity? If you work in anything tech-related, there's a strong chance you'll run into someone that can help spark your idea bank, be it a partner or a mentor! 500 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL 33602.

Another everyday place available to join is Industrious Tampa. This co-working space in Tampa is downtown in the SunTrust building, giving you a beautiful panoramic view of the city. They offer high-speed internet, unlimited printing, a coffee bar and lounge, conference rooms, parties, a fitness center with showers, phone booths, and even a private mother's room. You'ill be sure to find this office space very welcoming with a warm work environment! 401 E Jackson St Suite 3300, Tampa, FL 33602.

Have a different favorite remote work location that wasn't mentioned? We would love to hear from you in the comments below! And be sure to check out other business content and ideas here at 813area.