The Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce has nominated Keel Farms, in Plant City, for the small business of the year. The small family-owned farm is recognized as semi-finalists, and they are proud of this acknowledgment especially because it's their first time being nominated as the small business of the year by the Tampa Bay Chamber. 

Small Business of The Year Semi-Finalist

Keel Farms is part of the Plant City Chamber, so being recognized as a semi-finalist for the small business of the year by the Tampa Chamber is an accomplishment among itself. "It is an honor just to be nominated by the Tampa Chamber for this award," Keel Farms President Clay Keel said.  "Winning would be quite an achievement for a small farming family from Plant City." The family-owned farm will be notified by July 27th if they make it to the final round and the winner of the small business of the year will be announced September 10th at the small business awards reception. 

About Keel Farms

This small family-owned farm is unique because it's the only combined brewery and winery on a farm in Florida. Their top-selling wines include Wild Berry Pinot Noir,  Sangria, Key West Key-Lime wine, and their Sweet Blueberry wine. "Many incredible breweries and wineries make great beverages all around the state, but none combine these offerings in such a clean, safe, and welcoming environment," Keel Farms President Clay Keel id. Keel Farms continues to push the boundaries every day to accomplish as much as possible on their small 35-acre farm, as well as following their expectations and principals of quality, community, and sustainability.

Camacho said the farm tirelessly supports their local community through charity events, collaboration, and donations. Keel Farms transformed a dusty pasture into a thriving farm which brings millions of dollars to the state and local economy as well as providing dozens of jobs for locals. "We also get to expose local families and friends to the beauty of the outdoors and the slowly disappearing labor of the land that is farming," said Keel. 

The Farm's Goal 

Keel Farms exists to share their farm and foster the family within the community by providing excellent products and experiences. "Through hard work on the farm, we produce honest, healthy, sustainable, ground to glass products served in a comfortable family environment," President Keel said. "Our team strives to be the very best Florida agritourism destination possible." Keel Farms embraces its goal of becoming a must-visit Florida farm destination and uses their principals of quality, community, and sustainability to continue ambitiously striving toward their goal.

Keel Farms wines can be purchased online or at the farm. They also host wine events and is a beautiful venue for a wedding or special occasion. 

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Photos courtesy of Keel Farms