Yes, our beautiful Tampa Bay got lucky - real lucky that the crashing waves and winds of Hurricane Irma went easy on us, zigged and zagged and took her powerful force of nature elsewhere.  We woke up to find yard debris, some broken limbs and branches scattered about, some fencing torn down, and some severe wind damaged items - but nothing major.  The most we are complaining about is lack of power, cable and internet service.  All of us are grateful as we watch our southern neighbors from Key West to Sarasota deal with much greater issues and damage.

Tampa Bay is one of the best places to live in the U.S.  With our cool beaches, fun festivals and events, world class sports teams, cool outdoor activities, awesome arts and entertainment choices and so much more  - and it is reassuring to know that Mother Nature spared us a lot of misery and rebuilding when she moved this storm away from us.

However, Tampa Bay did suffer losses. Many businesses had to shut down early, or were closed from Friday through Monday, or longer. There are still some businesses closed due to loss of power or suffered some storm damage.  Most small-mid size companies do not have insurance to cover "natural disasters".  Thus, when they are not opened, they do not make money, nor do their employees. While your house may have gone unscathed by Hurricane Irma, many local businesses have been greatly damaged by the economic losses due to the hurricane.   

For your local restaurant, bar, dog groomer, bakery, dry cleaner, favorite coffee shop, boutique, jewelry store, hair salon, nail salon, health food store - you name it, Hurricane Irma has crippled their business, and all of their employees financially. They depend on daily, and weekly cash flow to pay their rent, their employees, their vendors, and pay their own household bills to live. The storm may have passed, but helping these local small businesses get back on their feet and recoup their losses is paramount to help our local economy, and to help our fellow citizens continue to take care of themselves and their families.

Want to help your local community? Visit your local small businesses today.  Support them with your continued business - and tell two, three or more friends. This is what great communities do - we take care of each other, when the storm comes, and long after it passes. 

MyArea Network, Inc. is committed to helping our local business community grow and prosper - now and long after the storm debris has been cleared.  We are committed to providing you with the most current information on all the best things local, and we urge you to please check out great LOCAL places to eat, shop, cool things to do, and best events happening in our local 813area727area941area, 352area, 407area and beyond! 

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Tampa Bay is our home too.  We strive everyday to help grow Tampa Bay's local economy by helping to promote Tampa Bay's local business community.  Now, we are asking for your help.  Please support all of the great companies that have invested in our area, and the many people who rely on their success to help them pay rent, buy food, clothing, fuel and take care of their families.  In the coming days, your support may decide their continued existence as they struggle to deal with the economic loss of Hurricane Irma.

Great communities are built on the backbone of local companies who have invested their time, dreams, money and efforts on starting and growing a business.  Please join us in our quest to help our local businesses get back on their feet and thriving once again. We are committed to helping our local community, by helping to connect local businesses, and events to you - and the over three million people who live, work and play in Tampa Bay.