When you hear "advertisement," what's the first thing you picture?

For a number of people, the answer is "something annoying," accompanied by an eye roll. Most modern consumers feel advertisements talk at them rather than engage with them, so they shut down any potential interest and ignore what they hear. For a business to promote its brand and effectively engage consumers, advertising stereotypes need to be broken. 

Enter Priatek

Priatek is a Tampa Bay area company that creates meaningful engagements in a fun way. Breaking away from traditional advertising that's loud, pushy and not on the consumer's terms, Priatek presents businesses with new ways to effectively market their brand by using Priatek's interactive brand, in2win

Using what looks like a super-sized tablet, Priatek's in2win kiosk features sponsored businesses with a fun and exciting twist. These kiosks are located among high traffic locations like malls, movie theaters, airports and more. Consumers can play various games on in2win kiosks, winning prizes that range from lunch coupons to romantic weekend getaways!

Priatek recently partnered with Sony Pictures Entertainment to develop prize promotions for in2win, allowing consumers to play Wheel of Fortune and JEOPARDY! for free on in2win kiosks and mobile apps. On either platform, users select which prizes they want to play for and participate in interactive games to win. By generating interest and engagement in a way that doesn't even feel like advertising, consumers are more likely to return to in2win and try to win prizes again. The best part is users always win something just by playing, resulting in a sense of accomplishment and loyalty to the brands featured on in2win

"We are thrilled to marry brands with these two iconic properties on our in2win patented kiosks to provide an amazing experience for consumers and simultaneously provide companies with cost effective and measurable results," said Milind Bharvirkar, President of Priatek.

Priatek is changing the advertising game, thinking outside the box and considering both consumers' and businesses' needs. 

Photo courtesy of Priatek

You can download the in2win app from Google Play or the App Store, playing games for awesome prizes anywhere you go! If you see an in2win kiosk while you're out and about, take a moment and play for prizes there, too. If you're a business interested in being featured with Priatek, visit priatek.com or call (727) 375-5616 to see how you can benefit from this partnership.