Robert Hessel didn’t plan on writing a book but he wanted to share his vision for creating safer cities so that people could feel safe. He drew on his experience as a home and business security system professional to help him write Safe City, which is getting ready to go on national tour. Hessel says, “This behind the scenes look draws from my personal experiences and projects that I have had the pleasure to be involved.  Safe City provides insight to its readers to help them make appropriate decisions.”

Hessel and eight other local Tampa authors celebrated the publishing of their books last night at The Tampa City Club, part of the 5th Annual Key Person of Influence.

Style expert Patty Soltis, of STYLEdge Fashion, has published her first book, First Impressions Last. Soltis drew on her experience building businesses in retail and fashion. She says, “First Impressions Last is for the professional woman who is successful in her career and realizes the value of her appearance.  It clarifies how to dress for multiple occasions and know that her image reflects her brand of competence, confidence, and achievements. The most amazing thing happens when I work with women, they have an instant boost in their confidence. The reader of First Impressions Last will experience this and ultimately, their performance at work will improve giving them more time to spend on the fun parts of life.”

Jeff Musgrave sees a bright future for our city with his first book, A Greater Tampa Bay.  Musgrave has extensive knowledge as a real estate broker and specializes in new home sales. Musgrave believes Tampa will be positioned to become the hottest economy in the US in the next 24 months. He says, “This past year has been filled with so many new experiences including completing the KPI program, scaling our business, having a baby boy...and now we are published authors! We are so excited about all of the growth and development in Tampa Bay, and we are thrilled to share it all with our fellow Tampanians with our new book, A Greater Tampa Bay!”

The Picture Perfect Headshot focuses on everyone looking their best. Author Michael McCoy says, “When I look at the top businesses in New York, London, and other big cities, they have professional photos that represent their brand in a powerful way. Tampa's business leaders need to catch up and present themselves with the same authority. Everyone wants to look better, especially in pictures, and this book will teach you how to make it happen.”

Stacy Solie’s book Love Yourself  Healthy promises to release emotional and physical pounds in seven steps. Solie says, “I want to help women shift away from the dieting paradigm of counting calories and food restriction to solely nourishing themselves and finally having the body and life they desire. Writing this book is a huge accomplishment for me but the true success will be when the reader can take away at least one tip that will help improve their health and quality of life.”

With nine other authors, all key persons of influence in their respective fields were available to sell and sign their books, mix and mingle last night at The Tampa Club as part of the Key Person Influence program. Other books on ADHD, home security, taking a flawless headshot were among the featured authors. Dr. Nekeshia Hammond says about her book, "I'm so thrilled to publish ADHD Explained: What Every Parent Needs to Know!  My hope is that EVERY child with ADHD gets the help they deserve, which is why I wrote this guide for parents." 

The books are available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon and with individual publishers. For more business news in Tampa, register with us on 813area, we're your free guide to everything Tampa. 

Photos were provided by MyArea Network