I don't know about you, but I never know what to get my mom for Mother's Day. I could send flowers, but you really never know how they'll arrive. They could look like the picture on the website, or look like some epic Pinterest fail made by a 6-year-old in art camp.

I could send an edible arrangement, but most likely it would sit in the fridge after the first day and look like a middle school science experiment. You need something beautiful. You need something that will stand the test of time and really show your mother how important she is to you!

This is where Candle Roses come in. Are they candles? Yes! Are they roses? Yes! Will they make your mom cry happy tears and let you win Mother's Day? Also yes. They last forever, come in a variety of colors and fragrances, including a fragrance-free option. Each "flower" also doubles as a votive candle that can be used to make things smell even more wonderful when lit.

Kristina Wehlau, owner and founder of Candle Roses is thrilled with the feedback she’s getting from customers and loves making people happy. “I wanted to provide a gift option that didn't die, get eaten-or rot, smelled good, was useful, and that would create lasting memories,” she says. “Hence, the name Euphoric Arrangements.”

Candle Roses offer a beautiful and thoughtful alternative to flowers and because they keep their fragrance and shape so your mom can keep them for years to come. Specifically for Mother's Day, Candle Roses offers a variety of options for the mom or mom-figure in your life. They keep their fragrance for years and never wilt. Your mom will be constantly reminded of your love for her and your awesomeness well after Mother's Day has passed.

The Whimsical Mom is a beautiful arrangement of purple and orange and comes with a fragrance added if you wish. The "For All She Does" bouquet offers your loved one a stunning mix of pastel flowers with a large white vase.

With Candle Roses, you'll be the hit of Mother's Day! Candle Roses are a thoughtful and unique way to say thank you to the woman who has given you so much. She won't be disappointed and neither will you!

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