Welcome to the seventh episode of the 813area Podcast. Your pod guide to the City of Tampa, its events, and the movers and shakers that make the Bay Area one of America's fastest-growing and most dynamic areas. Collin Sherwin brings you an in-depth interview with Marc Blumenthal, Investment Committee Member of Florida Funders and Founding Partner of Synapse Florida from the Florida Funders office in Downtown Tampa.

Collin and Marc talk about Florida Funders, and how he personally ended up at the local venture capital/crowdfunding hybrid firm. Marc had multiple entrepreneurial endeavors prior to Florida Funders, and his first business venture was while still a student at the University of South Florida. Marc elaborates that the firm's mission statement to keep innovative businesses and minds in Florida, and the importance of keeping our best and brightest home. He also explains why Tampa is an excellent incubator compared to other markets, and what the city can do to reach the top to support young companies and start-ups. 

Collin and Marc also discuss the Synapse Innovation Summit Tampa March 28-29 at Amalie Arena, and what to expect from the major innovation and technology conference right in our backyard. Marc explains the goal of Synapse is to get you started on your journey and where in the city to start with over a dozen main-stage speakers and topics ranging from blockchain, virtual and augmented reality, and health and wellness tech. The Innovation Summit will also conclude with a mixer including Inside the Box Cafe and a Taste of Tampa celebrating innovation, talent and great food and drinks in our area! 

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