Working moms wanting to return to work after a break from employment face a different set of challenges than the average job seeker. They may be concerned about their years out of the office while caring for children or aging parents, or they may feel left behind in computer skills and other certifications. Tampa Bay has a great option for moms in this situation, the MomSource Network is an on-line community seeking to match women returning to work with the right positions. MomSource can place candidates wanting a flexible schedule or work/life balance, and guys, don't get jealous, they also assist men, retirees, and graduates.

Assisting Moms Returning to Work and Employers Both

Lynette Russell, Director of Market Development for the Tampa site,  was immediately drawn to the mission and values of MomSource while offering a service to employers. She says, “MomSource Network is not a job board but rather a network.  We provide tools, training, and resources to women to help them stay engaged during a career break, return to work when they are ready or find flexible employment. The other special thing about our network is that we encourage members to interact with their peer group.”

Moms worry when to return and how much time to take off. Have they missed valuable training? Will they be accepted by their peers? MomSource Network helps to ease that transition. They work with progressive employers offering flexible work options. Their focus is flexible full-time, permanent part-time, telecommute and job-share opportunities. MomSource occasionally does short-term positions but they never take any portion of wages earned and they do not move moms from job-to-job.

As an employer working with MomSource Network, Russell says you’ll be able to pick from a pool of talented professionals who are well-vetted. Elizabeth Kelley, a shareholder at Trentalange & Kelley, PA, says, “I really appreciated how Lynette listened to the job and personality requirements, she spoke with me many times about the specialty of the field. She was extremely discreet about the process and did her homework on the background and requirements we needed in a candidate. Having Lynette vet the candidates with a clear understanding of what was necessary is what I believe lead to an extremely successful match. We are more than satisfied with the partner level attorney she placed with our firm. Thank you, Lynette Russell and MomSource!”

Russell says they offer educated professionals across all industries and at all levels of employment. She says, “Flexibility in the workplace takes on many forms and we can place them all. We offer talent solutions quickly and in a cost-effective manner. The most rewarding thing is finding employers the perfect employee. It is not always simple, but it feels great finding the right match for both client and candidate.”

Fees for MomSource are $9 per month/$89 annual for an employee seeking work. Fees go to support the costs associated with the personalized consultations offered to each member, plus their efforts to change the way Americans work and promote flexible employment. Russell says, “MomSource Network is a community that provides ongoing professional development, networking and a gateway to progressive employers offering flexible work options. What makes MomSource unique is our professional development resource, everything from consultations on a variety of topics to a webinar series.  And our MomPerks are amazing!” Russell continues, “Our mission is simple, we want to change the way America works by providing support and opportunities to women!”

If you think you could benefit from the services at MomSource Network, give them a try by joining online. You’ll create a profile, fill out a brief questionnaire, upload your resume and schedule your initial consultation.  You’ll only need to respond to the employment opportunity emails you are interested in.