With more than 28 years of experience, Ralph The Lawyer knows the law. A well respected Tampa attorney, Ralph Guito has quietly been helping clients with vehicle accidents, slips and falls, burns and other personal injury cases for nearly three decades.

Ralph is a fourth-generation Tampa native who knows the area. Graduating from Jesuit High School and the University of South Florida Ralph is the son of a trial attorney. He grew up knowing one day he too he would become an attorney. 

A recent client named Mark used Ralph the Lawyer to handle his case. He says, “As a pedestrian in a crosswalk, I was struck by a careless driver. My case was handled by Ralph and his paralegal. Together they guided me through what could have been a legal nightmare. I recommend Ralph to anyone needing a personal injury attorney.”

Ralph’s years of professional litigation and mediation experience qualify him to represent you in your case. Insurance companies have the ability to reduce compensation or even deny your claim altogether. You want someone on your side that knows the routine and what to expect. A lawyer who is interested in winning your case and not about you knowing who he is, Ralph cares about who you are; his clients are central to this humble Tampa attorney striving modestly to see justice served.  

Ralph likes to say, ”No matter how big they are, no matter how powerful they may seem, I will fight for you and your family. That’s who I am.”

Ralph’s undergraduate degree was in mechanical engineering, affording him the technical know how that often surrounds today's PI cases. His office accepts all types of accident cases -  car, motorcycle, semi-tractor trailer, machinery, and any moving vehicle. Ralph also specializes in serious injury and death cases, defective medical devices, implants, and dangerous drugs.

Another Ralph the Lawyer-client William says, “I hired this lawyer after I was hit by a wrong way driver and needed strong representation to deal with the insurance company. Ralph was recommended by a friend from grade school that used him after a bad car accident. My case was handled in a timely matter, faster than I expected, with diligence, mindfulness, and aggression towards our opponent. I’m very happy I chose this law firm to represent me.”

If you've suffered injuries, are faced with expensive medical bills or experienced a loss in wages, Ralph can help. If you’re not sure you have a case or need to ask questions, don’t hesitate to call Ralph The Lawyer. All case evaluations are free of charge, and all cases are litigated on a contingency fee basis. If Ralph doesn’t win your case, you don’t pay any fees or costs. Call 1-800-RALPH-STAT!