Yummi Foods Co. is a company providing specialty snacks to the Tampa area and beyond. Often gluten-free food manufacturers will use added sugars and processed ingredients in their recipes, making their products no healthier than their glutenous counterparts. However, Yummi Foods uses only healthy fats like coconut and almond flour, butter from grass-fed cows, and all-natural sweetener. This makes Yummi Foods products not only delicious but also enjoyable while maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

The company began when founder Adriana Florez wanted to provide a healthier alternative to the junk foods her mother was receiving in the hospital after a kidney transplant. Adriana, a native of Colombia with a bachelor's in industrial engineering and a master's degree in entrepreneurship science, began experimenting with different recipes, and soon she founded Yummi Foods Co. based on her gluten-free empanada.

After tasting one of Adriana’s homemade gluten-free muffins at his office, Frank Nunez later teamed up with Adriana, and together they began producing gluten-free and low-sugar baked goods. Frank has finance and English degrees from the University of South Florida, and he also owns Creative Learning Solutions, a company that produces e-learning videos for companies, salespeople, and individuals.

You can find Yummi Foods snacks in several Tampa locations. The Attic Cafe in downtown Tampa sells their snacks, and they're on shelves in places like Inside the Box Heights Public Market, Abby's Health and NutritionIntelligent Gourmet, and La Placita Restaurant & Bakery.  

Yummi Foods Co. has grown considerably in a short period of time. In the future, they plan to feature their products in most health food and large chain supermarkets in Florida and the southeast. They are also working on expanding their product line of baked goods, as well as designing at-home mixes of their products for healthy baking.

Adriana Florez and Frank Nunez have each endured a long journey to build Yummi Foods, and can't wait to see what the future has in store for them. Be on the lookout for Yummi Foods near you!

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Cover photo from Frank Nunez