The Ryan Nece Foundation is ending this year off right with the “Power of Giving” 2020 Year-End Challenge. The volunteer foundation is challenging you, your friends, family, and the larger Tampa community, to be one of the 2,020 people to donate $20.20 by the end of 2020 to reach their goal of $40,804.

Create Opportunites for Teens 

With a mission to “create opportunities for teens to embrace the Power of Giving through volunteerism and inspirational leadership programs,” the Ryan Nece foundation believes that each person must utilize the opportunities they were given in life to give back; no matter how big or small. 

With a modest request of $20.20, the 2020 themed fundraiser asks you to use the power you have, to give back and help fund the Ryan Nece Foundation’s student service leadership programs. By December 31, 2020, the foundation challenges everyone to contribute to help shape the next generation of servant leaders. 

250 Hours of Training 

All donations to the 2020 Year-End Challenge aid the foundation in adding new programs, as well as improving current programs. Allowing students to have access to 250 hours of character-building and leadership opportunities, your gracious donation will have lasting effects on developing strong, caring community leaders.

Donate just $20.20 

Donations can be made online. You have options to donate once or monthly or become a fundraiser where you can join a team, create a team, or just fundraise on your own! 

The young people in our communities are our future, so help the Ryan Nece Foundation execute their belief that young people can change the world and create more positive communities in Tampa and beyond through the power of service leadership. After making your donation, reach out to friends, family, neighbors and co-workers, to let them know how they too can make a difference with just $20.20!