Need a last-minute costume that’s easy on your wallet?  Looking for something quick and clever for Guavaween, the Apocalyse at The Cuban Club Saturday night or the anything goes Halloween Pub Crawl through some of the biggest and best bars in the SoHo district on the 30th?  Here are 10 Quick and easy last minute Halloween costume ideas adaptable to any theme!

The Black-Eyed Peas – Super easy – Everyone buy plain white T-Shirts.  Paint or use a big marker and make a Large letter “P’ on the front of each one.  The night of the event black out one eye with black face paint.

Samara Morgan from ‘The Ring” – Buy a pair of white stockings, long white gloves, a long black wig from a costume shop and an over-sized white shirt or baggy dress from a thrift store.  Soak the dress with teabags to stain it, or smudge it up with dirt or mud.  Smudge up the stockings and gloves too.  Paint red tips on the fingers of the gloves for ‘nails’.  Wear black flats or Mary Janes.  Smudge your face with white and smear black under your eyes, peer out from behind the wig.  Here are some great examples for Samara.

Old Bag-Lady or Bag-Man – From the thrift store buy clothes that do not match, plaid, polka dot, stripes.  Buy several items and layer them, sweaters etc…Don’t miss the shoes, grab an old pair of shoes and scuff them up with a wire brush or by scraping them on pavement. Drip paint on them.  Black out a few of your teeth, smear dark brown make-up on your face and some mascara under your eyes for circles. Cut holes and smudge the clothes with dirt or brown paint.  Buy a wig or spray grey hair spray into your hair.  You can easily make this costume apocalyptic, the world blew up yet you survived!

Game of Thrones -   If you are blonde dress Daenerys style if you are brunette, Sansa.  The hair is basically the same, a half-braided hairstyle, pale makeup and a bold brow. Plait braids on either side of your head combining them center back. Leave some hair loose at the sides. Using a wide barrel curling iron make long tendril curls.  Now think, apocalypse or zombie if you want to go gruesome.

Xbox 360 Controller – he wont be able to keep his hands off you with this easy to do costume.  Find a great padded bra or bathing suit top in white.  Using fabric dye pens from the craft store or paint, paint the top to look like a controller.  Wear jeans, yoga pants, something you already have for the bottom and you will be in control all night long!

W-T-F  - So easy, so clever!  Cardboard or foam board, brown mailing paper to cover the boards, a marker, twine and a couple friends and you have W-T-F Scrabble tiles. It doesn't get much easier than this!  In minutes you are done with everything but having a good time.  Get creative and have fun making stuff up while explaining what your letter stands for when you are NOT standing by your friends!

Heeere’s Johnny – Gotta mug like Jack?  A piece of layered and distressed painted foambaord, a red flannel shirt, some jeans an axe and you are ready for some REDRUM!

Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon – Chances are you have or can borrow these things. A white bathrobe, black shoes and socks, some sort of silly hat with flaps, a short piece of black tubing from your local hardware or Home store, a cigar and a coozie and of course, a beer! Photo from Costume Works.

Eaten – You can leave the bones plain, or easily add rotting 'flesh' by taking a cheap skeleton from the Dollar store or Sunshine Thrift and using a heat gun or blow dryer on high heat melt bits of cheap plastic drop cloth on to the fake bones. Once everything is cooled stain the plastic with a redwood stain or use red and black high gloss paint. It's easy and fun!

Cut the arm out of an oversized shirt and paint red blood around the opening. Take two pieces of rope or piece twine leaving the ends long enough to wrap around your neck. Put your arm inside the shirt and have a friend tie the skeletal arm at the top slipping the twine into the arm hole tying it around your neck.  Do your make-up like a zombie and shuffle the night away, the arm swings as you move.

Made-Up with Make-Up - Have something sexy you want to wear and need some great ideas for make-up.  Check out these easy to do make-up tricks for treating!

Photography – La Catrina – Sugar Skull MakeUp

Have something to add to these 10 Quick and Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas?  Please share in comments below, we are always looking for clever new costumes! Stay safe and remember, don’t drink and drive!