There are many elements that go into taking an “Instagram Worthy Photo.” You need to make sure your subject is looking good, the lighting is good, the angle is good, etc. The most important element to taking an Instagram Worthy photo is making sure the scenery is good! Here are 5 of the best locations in Tampa to take Instagram Worthy Photos. 

Ybor City

Image courtesy of @winniexsu on Instagram. 

Ybor City is the best spot if you are looking to get that “vintage” look as it was founded in the 1880s with many of the building still standing today. If you choose to take photos during the night, you will find that 7th Ave will have some of the best lighting with the entire street lit up.   

Downtown Tampa 

Image courtesy of @netflixxandgill on Instagram. 

In Downtown you will find a plethora of locations that you can shoot but some of my favorites are the Riverwalk & Curtis Hixon Park. An honorable mention in downtown would have to be the Tampa Theatre.  If you haven't already been, the Tampa Mural in Downtown is an iconic background for your most Tampa Instagram yet. 

USF Riverfront Park

Image courtesy of @amsolano on Instagram

If you want more of a nature look, hands down USF Riverfront Park takes home the gold. This park has hiking trails and canoe rentals to get some of the best nature shots you can ever get.

Alongside the Courtney Campbell Causeway

Image courtesy of @netflixxandgill on Instagram. 

Right off the Courtney Campbell Causeway will give you the best beach shots. This is a photographers dream! This location offers some great views out into the bay with some mangroves and rocks to get artsy shots.

Hyde Park Village

Image courtesy of @taryn_finn on Instagram. 

On Instagram, everything is a little less bougie than it appears. However, you could add 5 filters and 2 hours of editing to any picture of your in Hyde Park Village and when your followers make the trip for their own Instagram-Worthy Backdrop, they'll be pleasantly surprised. 

Rooftop Bars - M. Bird, Luna Lounge at Bulla Gastrobar and more! 

Image courtesy @meowitsally on Instagram. 

Rooftop bars have always been a big hit in Tampa but since the social media and Instagram revolution, they've absolutely blown up! Luckily, they're all over Tampa and they serve up Instagram worthy food and drinks as well. Nothing makes me want to double-tap a picture than when it makes my tummy grumble! 

Food Halls - Sparkman Wharf, Armature Works & Hall on Franklin 

Image courtesy of @phudollasign on Instagram

If you're a foodie, then you've likely already been to Tampa's most delicious food halls, Sparkman Wharf, Armature Works and Hall on Franklin. But have you taken any candid Insatgrams there before? Pose with your food to ensure a record-breaking amount of likes on your photo! 

Looking for more Insta inspiration? Check out our pages on 813area for more about things to do in Tampa. It might give you a new idea! Shoot us a comment in the section below if you have a favorite location we missed or one we need to try!  

Cover photo courtesy of Pixabay