The miracle of Festivus is upon us as Tampa Bay Downs once again provides an online alternative to the commercial craziness of Christmas through a Thoroughbred Racing 10-Day Challenge. Taking the lead from Seinfeld, Festivus for the rest of us requires two things; the desire to pit your handicapping skills against other racing fans and a craving for extra holiday cash.

A holiday tradition at Tampa Bay Downs The 10-Days of Festivus Challenge is an online handicapping contest offering the GRAND PRIZE winner $1,000 real cash money, Second Place takes home $500. The contest begins Friday, December 4, 2015 and runs through Wednesday, December 23, 2015. To participate you must REGISTER HERE by 11:30 am on Friday, December 4, 2015. Only online entries are accepted, entry is FREE and all wagers and bankroll payouts are virtual, they are not real.  Festivus is about your mythical bankroll, as the challenge races to the finish line if you have the biggest bankroll you take home the very real extra holiday cash!

Let the Festivus Begin! Here's How it Works:

The "10 Days of Festivus" Contest is a survivor-style game; you pick a horse and an alternate in one of two designated races each day.  Your horse must win, place,or show (called hitting the board)  to continue. If your horse does not hit the board, you are eliminated or lose a lifeline. You can buy up to five Lifelines before the contest begins December 4. for $5 each. Once the challenge begins you can't buy additional Lifelines until December 12th when you can add two more at $10 each if you are a survivor. A final Lifeline can be bought December 19 for $25 if you are still alive in the game. You must be alive through the last race of the contest to win the Grand Prize to take home that extra holiday cash.

Your selections must be made at least 1 minute before the first scheduled race of the day. ALL PICKS MUST BE MADE ON THE WEBSITE. NO TEXT OR E-MAIL PICKS ARE ALLOWED.

Funny Money: Your Holiday Miracle

Each player's total mythical payout is based on official race results and added to your 'funny money' bankroll for as long as you remain eligible. Your standing in Festivus will be posted on the Challenge website.  Current Leader Board info is available after the races are official and results are calculated online, check them out at Tampa Bay Downs

You have to be 18 years or older at time of registration, possess a valid e-mail address, and be a legal resident of the U.S. or Canada to play; and you have to be craving extra holiday cash as Festivus the online challenge begins Friday.

For a complete list of Rules, to Register, and Purchase Pre-challenge Lifelines go to 10-Days of Festivus Challenge

I don't really celebrate Christmas, I celebrate Festivus ~ George Costanza