Crappy jobs; we've all had one, or worse, have one right now.  Whether the boss is breathing down you're neck every second of your working existence or you've got an annoying crew of co-workers worse than a wild pack of yapping chihuahuas, working at a job you simply don't enjoy can be a torturous experience.

But, you can make it better.  The mind is a powerful thing and how you perceive your less-than-ideal working situation can make all the difference.  Sure, you're complaints are probably valid - maybe the coffee really is just that bad, maybe Tammy from accounts payable really is just a gossip-starved 13-year old in a flabby middle-aged body; maybe your work just goes underappreciated - BUT, it could be worse.

A little pessimistic, yeah, but think about it, it could always be worse.  Look at this guy on the right, for instance.   He's a sewer cleaner in Delhi, India.  When their old, worn sewer system gets clogged, this guy gets a rope tied around his waste and descends down a dark manhole past giant cockroaches, human waste, and god knows what else to unclog the sewer by any means necessary...for a living.  He literally has a crappy job.  Wherever you're working, we'll venture to guess it's a cake walk compared to this.

That doesn't mean compromise though.  If you're job sucks, it sucks.  Gaining perspective only lasts so long until you're sucked back into your mundane cubicle-trapped reality.

Take action!  You can only be a victim of circumstance so long before it's really just your fault.  Maybe take some of that vacation time for a few days of relaxation and self inventory.  Make a plan.  If you want to leave, get your ducks in a row, so to speak.

Polish up your resume, search jobs in Tampa, and network, network, network.  You'll probably be surprised how much your friends are willing to help - be it putting in a good word or letting you know where some great opportunities are.

Hope that helps, even if just a little.  Remember, there's always something you can do to make that crappy job just a little less crappy.  Good luck!

[Image courtesy of The Telegraph]