Dubstep is an electronic dance music genre that is sweeping the nation.  The original sounds of dubstep have been traced back to 1998 in south London, England.  Dubstep has been described as "tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals."  While this genre of electronic dance music movement was started in 1998, it did not make too much of a scene in the United States until the mid to late 2000s.  The increase in Tampa dubstep scene has really grown in 2010 and continues to increase with more and more Tampa dubstep events.

A sample of a dubstep remix by local DJ & music producer DJ DOCO is included below for you to hear the sounds of dubstep.   This is a Jay-Z and Kanye West song that has been remixed with a dubsteb beat so there is more vocals than a traditional dubstep song.  With the mix of fast and slow beats at the same time, dubstep caters to those with a dance style of fast or slow.

Jay-Z & Kanye West - Paris (DOCO Dubstep Remix) by DOCO

One of the more popular dubstep producers recently is Skrillex.  While dubstep has been huge in the underground scene, Skrillex's dubstep mixes have even been used in main stream commercials on television.  Most of the shows on Skrillex's tours are sold at and with Skrillex visiting Tampa, there is no exception.  Skrillex will be at The Ritz Ybor on December 16th and the show sold out 2 months prior.  Concluding The Ritz Ybor Skrillex event, there is rumored to be a Skrillex afterparty at The Orpheum in Ybor City.

With the dubstep Tampa movement still being somewhat new, there is a limited number of local DJ's and venues that have dubstep nights.  You may here a dubstep song here and there at different clubs but nights dedicated strictly to dubstep in Tampa are hard to find.  There is a bigger dubstep scene in Miami, Florida where they regularly bring big named dubsteb DJ's but if you are trying to stay local, here are some of the Tampa dubstep clubs.

Bulls Club is known for their nickel beers on Thursday, but they do offer a great Tampa dubstep night on Tuesday.  With not much going on Tuesday, Bulls Club has been able to take Tuesday to a whole new level.  Whether you are just looking for something to do on Tuesday or you are a dubstep junkie, Bulls Club is the place to be.  They offer great drink specials as it is $10 sink-or-swim for guys and $5 for girls.  If you are 21+ and don't want to do the sink-or-swim, there is no cover and great drink specials.  The DJ's at Bulls Club Tuesday Dubstep are all part of the Wompaholics.com crew.  This Tampa dubstep club night is 18+ to party so bring your dancing shoes.

For a dubstep Tampa club on Friday, head to Ybor City as it is the mecca for dance clubs.  The Amphitheatre Event Facility offers great electronic, dance, and dubstep on Friday and regularly bring in national acts.  With their rotating dance floor, the Amphitheatre offers a great experience for dancing to dubstep and electronic music.  DJ DOCO spins at The Amphitheatre on Fridays as a special guest DJ and is the Saturday night resident DJ there.  This Tampa dubstep club night is also 18+ to party and 21+ to drink.

Also on Fridays in Ybor City is "Dangerous Fridays" at the Orpheum.  The Orpheum has recently moved to their new location on 7th Avenue and have an amazing venue, sound system, and light show.  This is more of an underground dubstep nightclub event in Tampa which offers underground electro, dubstep, and more.  With dubstep being newer and having a younger crowd, this event is also 18+ to party and 21+ to drink with a $5 cover or $3 with college ID.

So while dubstep is not as big in Tampa yet, the dubstep music genre movement is rising.  To get your dubstep fix, visit these local Tampa dubstep nightclub nights and look for dubstep events in the Tampa event directory as new events are posted regularly.  Enjoy this new style of electronic music and visit DJ DOCO's website for more dubstep mixes so you can get your dance style ready for these Tampa dubstep nights!