Tampa Yuengling Brewery
By: Sally Baker

Originally established in 1829 in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, the Yuengling family presented their very own Eagle Brewery.  Today holding the honor of being America’s Oldest Brewery, the Yuengling family is an inspiration for every business owner. Family owned and operated, the story of the Yuengling Brewery is a heroic tale of finding and maintaining success through even the hardest of times like the national prohibition of alcohol.

During the prohibition years, the immigrated German family switched to ‘near beer’ products and opened a dairy to sustain their family business. One of the lucky few to make it through the prohibition years, the formerly named D.G. Yuengling & Son Brewery sent a truckload of their very own produced “Winner Beer” to President Roosevelt in celebration.

Striving and growing through the change of the years and century, the team opened a second brewery in Mill Creek and then a third Yuengling brewery in Tampa, Florida. The former Stroh’s brewery is now the 3rd location of Yeungling brewery, being purchased and opened in 1999. Today, the Tampa Yuengling brewery offers the community a bountiful gift shop and free guided tours.

The gift shop at the Tampa Yuengling brewery showcases an array of clothing items with the Yuengling insignia, hats, souvenirs and more. The guided tours of the Yuengling brewery in Tampa not only give the community one of the free things to do in Tampa, but they also come equipped with a biergarten to sample the beers for yourself, with proof of identification stating legal drinking age of course.

Check out how the fine beer at this brewery is made by witnessing the brewing and bottling. Then sample the creations or head to the gift shop to purchase a shirt or coffee mug to remember the experience by. Make sure to tell us what you think by rating and reviewing the Tampa Yuengling brewery and all your favorite Tampa hotspots!