Gasparilla isn't just Tampa's favorite day of the year due to the parade, but also the invasion of a floatilla of every kind of seafaring craft up Old Tampa Bay. But a lot of those boats might be captained by those maybe not as responsible as you, and especially with Jose Gaspar's holiday being the largest day for alcohol sales in Hillsborough County, having a boat captain that is certified and trained to handle the traffic that day is invaluable. 

A new service to Tampa, Anchor is like Airbnb for boat rentals and charters. Using their website, you can charter a privately owned boat or yacht from all over Tampa Bay, St Pete or Clearwater. But for Gasparilla, they are leaving their fleet on the docks and offering all of their United States Coast Guard Certified Captains to operate your boat on the biggest day of the year.

Anchor has created a community of boat owners and a community of licensed Captains that can team up to offer amazing on-the-water experiences. With a licensed captain safely guiding your beloved boat on the turbulent and well-trafficked seas of Gasparilla, you can enjoy your grog of rum aboard your pontoon or powerboat with the peace of mind your passengers and boat will be safe and sound.

You can book a certified captain for just $50 an hour as part of this Anchor special via their website today. Remember: Boating While Intoxicated is a crime, so don't miss this chance to party like a pirate without any of the dangers of the day!

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Cover photo from Anchor Rides Facebook page