Taking bikini's, laser tag, cosmic bowling, and great music to a whole new level!  Now in the second year, Bikini Laser Tag is getting more popular by the day.  From girls in bikini’s shooting laser guns to cosmic bowling with the best electro DJs spinning all night, what more can you ask for in a party?

Anthony John Lenerdo loves laser tag, dubstep music, and seeing his lovely lady friends in bikinis.  One day he thought why not bring all these three things together and boom, Bikini Laser Tag was created!  I have been to a few of the Bikini laser tag parties myself.  When I first got there I didn't know what to expect.  Seeing young women running around in bikinis is what I did see.  After walking around and meeting a few new people and listening to the sound of underground music, I decided it was time to get started.  I played four rounds of laser tag in a row.  I figured I'll be tired just from doing that but at these party energy never dies.  I then went to go play a round of the cosmic bowling.

With laser lights flashing and the bright neon colored balls rolling down the lane, I felt like I was in the middle of a sci-fi movie battle.  All throughout the night the music never stopped playing. Many local dubstep DJs were spinning their underground music that is featured at clubs such as The Social and the Amphitheater.

Now it is time to talk about everybody's favorite subject of this party, the young ladies in bikinis. Those that come dressed in bikinis or a go-go dancer get into this party for free.  Bikini Laser Tag is not an event to exploit women.  Think of Bikini Laser Tag as a day of going to the beach with a group of friends indoors.  Every young lady that comes out in a bikini to the party is treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve.  Everyone just comes out to have a good time.  Bikini Laser Tag has been held at both QZAR and Terrace Sports.  Bikini Laser Tag parties are different.  If you want to try something new instead of heading out to Ybor City every weekend or the same bar you go to, then visit a Bikini Laser Tag party. These parties are not held every weekend so as not to get boring or played out.

If you want to escape from norm, on March 10 you can join us for Bikini Laser Tag at Terrace Sports.