Contrary to popular belief, history is not as black and white as it seems. There are often misconceptions and mistakes that have been spread blindly throughout the years you would never think to question, and our understanding of Tampa history is no exception. Thus Café con Tampa will be hosting “Biggest Myths and Mistakes about Tampa History” on Friday, June 8th at the Oxford Exchange on Kennedy Bouelvard.

Café con Tampa is a nonprofit organization comprised of neighborhood and community leaders that functions to stimulate conversation about community issues specific to the Tampa area. Such issues range from the future of the Tampa Bay Rays to the correlation of readers becoming leaders. They host weekly meetings featuring a speaker who commences the meeting with a short lecture and then facilitates conversation among participants, Q&A style. The meeting this Friday will be led by Tampa Bay History Center ’s Rodney Kite-Powell, who serves as the Touchton Map Library Director and Saunders Foundation Curator of History.

The event promises to host an engaging conversation that will hopefully turn your understanding of Tampa history upside down. At the very least, it will no doubt be an interesting platform in which you can get in touch with our great city’s foundation and stories. There is a small fee of $12, which includes a breakfast buffet provided by Oxford Exchange. This event has the unique ability to open your eyes to a truth only few know, so whether you can call yourself a history connoisseur or not, this could be the event for you.

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Image courtesy of Flickr.