After Gasparilla goes down in late January, many Tampa Bay residents look forward to the next big, annual event in Tampa, the Florida State Fair.

This year, the Florida State Fair will open its doors to thousands of Tampa residents and visitors alike from February 7 through February 18. The Florida State Fair is a mecca of fun for kids and adults of all ages.  Patrons can enjoy the classic fair experience with a huge variety of rides, games, entertainment, and more.

Fans of greasy, ridiculous food concoctions often flock to the fair every year to sample the biggest in best in deep-fried, sweet, and deliciously fattening fair food. Florida State Fairvisitors can expect a variety of new food concoctions including deep-fried bubble gum, glazed doughnut burgers, a bacon peanut butter burger, deep fried mashed potatoes, and deep-fried M&M's.

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The fair will also host a variety of entertainment through its 12-day run including a night concert with James Hill on February 9th and a Country Gold concert on February 13th with showtimes at 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. 

Advance single tickets purchased online cost $9 for adults (12+), $5 for kids, and $7 for seniors. A midway armband, which will get you unlimited rides for the day, costs $30.  

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