By: Sally Baker

For over 13 years between 1920 and 1933, The U.S. underwent the prohibition of alcohol. It was on April 7th, 1933 that beer finally became legal to drink again when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law the Cullen-Harrison Act. Although the ABV, or alcohol by volume, had to be less than 4%, lines were still out the doors of establishments selling beer on the evening of April 6th, 1933. April 6th marked New Beer’s Eve, where patrons patiently waited for midnight to strike announcing the official 7th of April; the start of the end of the United States Prohibition of Alcohol.

Decades later, Americans still celebrate National Beer Day every year on April 7th. Many bars in Tampa offer beer specials and everyone, of age, enjoys this unofficial US holiday. The hardcore celebrators of National Beer Day will also celebrate the evening before on April 6th for New Beer’s Eve. It is harder to find beer specials in Tampa specifically for New Beer’s Eve so most make it an at-home celebration while going out the following day for National Beer Day in Tampa.

Great beer bars in Tampa that may offer National Beer Day drink specials include: World of Beer, Tampa Bay Brewing Company, New World Brewery, Mellow Mushroom and Tank’s Tap Room.

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