Ahh, it’s that time of year again to think back on the year’s past and celebrate the new year ahead.  

While you look to make plans for New Year’s Eve in Tampa, remember there are people out there facing far greater challenges than those you may have faced this past year.

Party for a cause and put the “Kids First” this year!

The D-10 Society, a local organization that throws top notch events to raise money for local charities is presenting the Casino Royale NYE Party at The Vault in Downtown Tampa.

All the proceeds will benefit Pasco Kids First, a local charity supporting children of abusive homes.  Many of these children may not get the Christmas wish they deserve; however, those attending the D-10 Society event will be playing a role in making their next year, that much greater!

That’s right, the members of The D-10 Society are donating so much of their time between jobs, families and friends and even working while on vacation to put together a New Year’s Eve celebration that is unique, elegant, intimate and most importantly that is for a cause.

Every attendee that purchases a ticket is supporting Pasco Kids First so they too get to enjoy the feeling of knowing the time they are enjoying is benefiting others in need.

So other than raising thousands of dollars for a local charity, what else is all the hype about with The D-10 Society’s Casino Royale New Year’s Eve celebration?

Free Valet, although we encourage other forms of transportation or staying in a local hotel, a 4 hour Open Bar, hand-passed hors d'oeuvres, two carving stations, dessert station, non-cash casino style games, dancing and even a midnight kiss auction!

For those that have attended events by The D-10 Society, they know the events are the place to be especially for those looking to mingle.  That’s why anyone that is “Single & Ready to Mingle” will receive a special wristband to let that be known!

Beware, this event is in high demand and may even SELL OUT BEFORE CHRISTMAS!  So get your tickets, put on your best, have an amazing time and party for a cause!

For details and tickets visit d10society.org