Hey, Tampa Bay ravers! Are you ready for Sunset Music Festival this Memorial Day weekend at Raymond James Stadium?

I’m sure you’ve seen the lineup, and I know you’re excited about it... but who has got your heart racing on the lineup for 2019?

When the lineup came out on April 2, it felt like a birthday gift. And maybe that's because it was on my birthday, but, also, I saw Alison Wonderland, Dog Blood, and Flux Pavilion, and my heart just skipped a beat!

The Tampa Bay shufflers are excited to see house artists like Fisher, Walker & Royce, and Chris Lake, but who can really blame them? We all love to dance, and that’s what going to festivals is all about.

As a seasoned professional in the rave community and atmosphere, I want to give you some rules to live by if it is your first Sunset Music Festival.

1. PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect)

All ravers know that the most important thing to know when attending your first festival is to live the PLUR lifestyle and embody it to the fullest extent. Bask in the PLUR traditions by crafting kandi bracelets and necklaces before the festival and trade with fellow festival attendees.

Check out this fun video that will show you how to properly PLUR!

2. Stay Hydrated!

Bring a water pack and share the water you have with fellow ravers who may need it more than you. As all Floridians know, a day in late May get hot and humid, so it’s not the most ideal rave weather, but, by living the PLUR life, we all make it through the day together! It’s easy, too, because water is FREE!

If you’re friends are getting tired or sluggish, offer them some water. If you see someone under the influence who’s looking worse for wear, stop by and offer them some of your water. It really is the liquid of life at EDM Festivals like the Sunset Music Festival.

3. Wear A LOT of sunscreen.

Lather your body in sunscreen an hour before you leave the house. For girls who put lots of time and effort into their rave makeup, I would suggest applying it before any makeup.

4. Beware of pickpockets.

As much as it breaks my heart to say it, not everyone comes to the festival for a good time. Some are there to simply scam you and steal your phone or wallet out of your bag when you’re in your own world having fun!

The best way to avoid this is to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Keep an eye out for people who look like they’re not at Sun Music Festival for the music. If they aren’t dancing, and you notice them scanning crowds for people as they stand and sip on a drink, it’s possible they’re looking for people who won’t notice them unzipping and grabbing their phones from their bag.

5. Wear your most comfortable rave shoes.

Listen, girlies, I know that you want to wear rave boots and your brand new Adidas sneakers for your next Instagram, but let’s be honest, you always regret it. Whether they give you blisters or turn from pure white to a lovely post-rave brown, be practical with your footwear. If you need a little height, order some platforms or dad sneakers off of Amazon! As long as they’re comfy, easy to dance in, and already worn in, they’re rave-ready!

6. Bring a poncho.

It’s May in Tampa! We all know it rains almost every day in Tampa around 5 and 6 p.m. during the summer, and Memorial Day weekend is the beginning of the rainy season. So be sure you’re prepared to get wet, or try and stay dry! Wear a bathing suit or bring a poncho… you’ll thank me later!

7. Don’t be Judgemental. Accept and embrace all walks of rave life.

If it’s your first rave, you have no idea what you’re walking into. There are all different kinds of ravers from all different walks of life. You’ll see people come together in a beautiful way where everyone is accepted, no matter how much or little they’re wearing!

Men have glitter beards and women wear nothing but nipple pasties. Feel free to make your own statement, but don’t let yourself stick out by giving weird looks or judging the craziness with your friends. Enjoy it and let the people live! It’s all about expressing yourself, so join in on the fun and just be you!

8. Pre-gaming is essential for your energy.

If you’re planning on drinking throughout the festival, have a few shots before calling your Uber. If you like to dance, grab an energy drink or large coffee before the show' you want to have LOTS of energy to shuffle, headbang, and dance the night away.

9. Put your phone away. 

As someone who loves watching their old rave videos, I know it’s tempting to watch the festival from behind your camera screen, but I'll tell you that you’ll have even more fun if you just put your phone away. If you want to take some cool videos and pictures, do it earlier in the day so you can spend quality time with your fellow ravers. 

Phone service can be spotty, so your battery dies quickly! Another key ingredient for smart ravers is a wireless charging pod. Refer to #4 and be careful about where you place your phone in your bag. 

10. Read the rules on the SMF site beforehand.

Click here to read all of Sunset Music Festival’s rules and regulations. Be sure to check the list of items that aren’t allowed in so you don’t get stopped at the door.

If you’re a seasoned raver or newbie to the scene, check out  Tampa's EDM community and other events in Tampa on 813area where we celebrate electronic dance culture together! Share, discover, explore, and learn something new from one another all in the name of PLUR!