Feeling lucky? Well, guess what? You don’t need to be and you can still win!

Throughout the month of September, TGT Poker & Racebook and The Silks Poker Room of Tampa Bay Downs in North Tampa are teaming up to provide twice the fun. Beginning September 6th, and following that up with four more special events, there will be a dual room promotion at the TGT Poker Room.

TGT & Silks Poker Dual Room Promo | Sunday, September 6  

From 2-10 p.m. this upcoming Sunday, $900 will be given away every hour, with $540 going to the highest hand and $360 table share. There’s no minimum required, though, at least one card must be played to qualify and there is $20 in the pot. The start of the hand will determine which period the hand qualifies for.

TGT & Silks Poker Room Promo |  Wednesday, September 9th 

On Wednesday September 9th, TGT is taking it a step further. $999 will be won every hour by the one with the highest hand between the hours of noon to midnight. Additionally, produce pocket 9’s and win yourself $99. Produce a full house with pocket 9’s and win $199. Again, no minimum required, one card needed to qualify, beginning of the hand will decide which time period the round qualifies for, and $20 must be in the pot.

TGT & Silks Poker Room Promo 

Monday, September 14  

Monday, September 21 

Monday, September 28 

From 12-10 p.m. on the 14th, 21st and 28th of September, there will be a $7,500 promo giveaway. Every 40 minutes the highest hand of the two rooms will receive $500. In the event of a tie, the money will be split amongst the winners. And yes, you can win multiple times. You know the drill – the same rules apply. No minimum qualifier needed. There must be at least $20 in the pot. One card must be played in order to qualify. The start of the hand will determine which period the hand qualifies for.

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