The rich cultural heritage of Ybor City will be on display when the Ybor City Chamber of Commerce presents the 71st annual Fiesta Day on February 24th.

Fiesta Day is family-friendly and free, as the street festival will celebrate the history of the Cuban, Italian, Spanish, Jewish and German immigrants that settled in Ybor City in the late 19th Century to take part in the area’s thriving cigar industry. The original Fiesta Day was a day of rest for the cigar workers in Ybor City. Now it’s a wonderful, colorful party as 7th Avenue will be closed to traffic but open for those looking to partake in the best things that Ybor City has to offer including the ethnic food, music, and arts of the area.

No neighborhood encapsulates the history and growth of Tampa as Ybor City, where the converted cigar factories of yesteryear now serve as a hub of shopping, dining, and entertainment. Those heading out to dance in nightclubs today walk the same streets where rollers and lectors (those paid by the rollers to read and entertain them during work) built a community 100 years ago. Though the work of the area has changed, the culture of all the groups raised in that community remains integral to the heartbeat of Tampa. 

There are expected to be over 20,000 attendees for Fiesta Day, including a parade of flags, and an area for kids to play and learn about Ybor City’s history, and live musical acts. You'll also see plenty of vendors and shops for sale.

If you or your business is interested in being a food vendor it is $150 for Ybor Chamber Members and $300 for non-members. Arts and Crafts vendors are $200 and corporate vendors are $250 for members and $400 for non-members.

Fiesta Day is also accepting event sponsorships and for information on being a vendor or a presenting or partner sponsor please reach out to Deb Hargreaves with the Ybor Chamber of Commerce at or call 813-482-2312.

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