Some people worry that caring for their health takes too much time and money. You can’t afford to go to every type of doctor – and what if they find something? 

However, it is possible to maintain and even improve your health by following a dedicated checklist throughout the year. Review these steps to make sure your health care is up-to-date so you can catch any problems early on. 

#1) Find a Primary Care Doctor

Some people forget to find a primary care doctor when they move to a new city, while others stop going because they think they’re healthy. Your primary care doctor is there to improve your health and make recommendations for care. Also, having a doctor on hand just in case you get sick can help you significantly. Check out the primary care services at Florida Wellness to see what their doctors can do for you. 

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#2) Get Routine Check-Ups

An annual check-up is a basic need for the average healthy adult. Your doctor can run through a basic health check, address any concerns that you have, and create a plan for the year. Getting into this habit at the start of the year can set you up to make healthy choices for the next 12 months. 

#3) Get Your Flu Shot

Every year a variety of flu shot myths crop up. Is it effective? Will it make me sick? Once you bust these myths you can see that flu shots are an important way to limit the spread of disease. Mark your calendar each year to get a flu shot. Many pharmacies and community health centers offer shots for free, so all it costs is your time. 

#4) Track Your Weight

You don’t have to weigh yourself daily – not much is going to change in that time anyway – but you should weigh yourself at least monthly to make sure that you’re not gaining or losing weight too quickly. If you are at risk for other health issues (like high blood pressure) use the first of the month to check on these issues related to your health. This should only take a few minutes and can give you peace of mind for the rest of the month. 

#5) Visit the Dentist Regularly

Along with forgetting about the doctor, we tend to forget about the dentist. Maybe you wanted to visit the dentist, but you kept forgetting over time. You aren’t alone. Find a dentist who is near you and works with your schedule. Some dentists even have special night and weekend hours for working patients. It is better to catch something early than to wait for your teeth to start hurting. 

#6) Track Family Health History

When was the last time you documented your family’s health history? You may have a general idea of who has what, but could you list everything off of your head at once? This step only needs to be done annually. Review the medical history of your immediate family (and a few extended family members) and make any updates as needed. This can help you when you visit the doctor. 

Stay Healthy By Being Proactive 

Getting a flu shot and periodically weighing yourself doesn’t take much time or money at all. Plus, these small investments in your health can make you feel good about yourself and motivate you to make other healthy choices in your life! 

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