In my case, it was post-chemo curiosity that brought me to Replenish IV Solutions doorstep one rainy Tuesday afternoon in Downtown Tampa.  Anemic from treatment, walking more than 10-12 feet wore me out, so I intentionally parked far from their door wondering, would I notice a difference on the way back to my car? Having read stories about A-listers like Rhianna, Katy Perry, Madonna and Chrissy Teigen receiving infusion therapy* as a quick way to stock up on supplements while detoxing from hangovers and jet lag I questioned, can Replenish IV Solutions truly help me?

The science is simple, by bypassing the digestive system IV drips deliver high doses of nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Which means it's a quicker and more efficient way of loading up on nutrients. According to the research, you can only absorb approximately 300 mg of vitamin C every three hours, however, I received 2 grams in 30 minutes, a threshold I could never have met with my One-A-Day.

Stars, like many of us, are constantly on the go. Rihanna and Chrissy use vitamin IV's to re-energize and boost immunity. Prior to going, I'd read,  "The sweet spot of IV vitamin therapy lies in the practitioner’s ability to create a custom cocktail of vitamins and minerals that target a client’s needs."  Meaning, the people mixing your cocktail are as important if not more important than the cocktail, so I called owner Stephen Gunnin of Replenish IV Solutions to find out more about him and his service. 

A paramedic for more than 12 years, Steve left service as a first-responder due to a back injury. Proactively looking for a medically related business, he and his wife Lisa, both supporters of healthy living, began to look at IV therapy, specifically the Myers Cocktail. Opening Replenish in 2014, their practice is growing rapidly. 

What does Wellness mean to you?

For me, following months of chemotherapy and several difficult surgeries, my body was dry as a bone. With little to no energy wellness for me was simply to feel 'normal' again. I did not expect to feel 'energized', I just wanted to complete normal everyday tasks without becoming tachycardic.

Ever wonder why the first thing a nurse does when you go into the ER feeling sick or needing care is to hang a bag of saline? It's simple, hydration is vital to a healthy life. Our lifestyles dehydrate us resulting in underperformance in all aspects of our lives.

We push our bodies to their limits and freak out when they break down. Replenish IV targets a variety of wellness needs by restoring hydration, vitamin and nutrient levels, aiding in the recovery from illness or jet lag, providing hangover relief,  revitalizing your overall well-being. So, what happened with me?

Stephen and Lisa Gunnin, owners of Replenish IV Solutions, at the Tampa Bay Margarita Festival

My experience with Replenish IV Solutions

Heading for the door I found OPES Health easily, located across from the shipping canal on Channelside Blvd, just east of the Florida Aquarium I loved the lobby, bright, open, colorful and modern.  The staff was friendly, I signed a waiver, no long forms to fill out (grateful for that!) and was immediately greeted by Stephen who took me back to the infusion room.  I had the choice of a couch or super comfy looking medical chair, tired of anything 'medical' at this point I chose the couch!  

After a conversation about my medical situation and what I hoped to achieve from the infusion, Steve adeptly found a useable vein (never an easy task in a chemo patient) and the drip began.  We had a fun conversation as I infused, and thirty minutes later I was done. I'd asked several questions, One being, "Do you feel it right away?" to which Lisa Gunnin replied, "Everyone is different, some do, while for others they notice it more the next day." I left, feeling no different, noticing no change in my ability to walk to my car. I returned home, finished my work editing articles, prepared for the next day, watched TV with my family and went to bed feeling no different.

The Next Day

I awoke unknowingly to what was going to be one of the MOST difficult days of my career with MyArea Network. A rapidly growing tech start-up, we often go through periods of growth where we stretch, accomplish challenging goals, giving more than we ever did before.  This day was different, the rubber band stretched as far as it could go without breaking and as a team, we accomplished big things that day.

Fourteen hours later my husband urged me to stop and come to bed. A choice I believe he came to regret!  I wasn't ready to stop, full of energy fourteen hours into an incredibly stress-filled day I felt no fatique and my mind was sharp.  Excited to tell him ALL about my day we sat and talked for another hour. As I laid down to sleep, I thanked God for Replenish IV Solutions.  I believe I would have faltered around five or six pm, failed to complete tasks, been disorganized and cloudy had I not gone the day before.

Since going I've chatted with several friends, also surviving cancer, who chose IV therapy as a way to recover quickly from the devastation that is chemotherapy. Calling it their "go juice" everyone praised the solution. I shared with the Gunnin's my physician asking me to NOT do anything healthy while undergoing his treatment and to wait until he was done. In my 90 day waiting period to see what happens next I had Moffitt's blessing to explore while on a break from chemo, one I hope is permanent. I mention this only to say, if you too are treating for cancer or any other medical ailment, check with your doctor first.

What's Your Biggest Challenge?

Cancer is mine, how about yours? Chronic fatigue, low essential vitamins and minerals, such as B-12 and magnesium were robbing me of the energy I needed to walk 10 feet. In my case, an infusion of saline, a full B-Complex, amino acids and 2 gms of Vitamin C quickly helped boost my energy and improved my overall wellbeing!  I am a fan and will return for more!

Intrigued by all this therapy can do I wanted to know more. 

Hangovers are never convenient...

Did a well-meaning client start buying shots, it's the next day and you have a presentation to make?  If so, make an appointment and get renewed.  Training for a marathon, or in need of an energy boost? Look at all the ways you can combat dehydration and give yourself a boost.  

  • Power through pre and post fitness activity 
  • Recover from hangovers, colds & flu-like symptoms, allergies and more.
  • Vitamin B12, antioxidants, nutrients, minerals and electrolytes.for lasting energy
  • Vitamin C for radiant skin.
  • Vitamin Infusions Drips
  • Anti-Aging Drips
  • Detoxification & Chelation Drips
  • Fatigue Fighting Drips
  • Weight Loss Drips
  • Performance Drips

Invest in yourself, give them a call, services are by appointment only and your first visit is 25% off of the basic pick me up!  Let them design a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, oxygen, amino acids and other compounds to support your needs.

Steve explains it this way, "This is a gift from science Lisa and I are fortunate to share with others every day." 

*Infusion therapy not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The material on this website is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Always consult your physician before beginning any therapy program. (All photos by 813area Photographers or provided by Replenish IV Solutions )