By: Kaylani Levine

It takes approximately 21 days to form a habit. Most of the habits we have come unconsciously. We don’t know how or when they started; we just know they are a part of who we are.  What happens when your habit turns into an addiction, something you cannot control? Addictions come in all forms including extreme spending, food addictions, and drug abuse. All over the state of Florida are clinics and facilities to help those in need of treatment. If you’re looking for rehabilitation and recovery clinics in Tampa for yourself, a friend, or a family member there are some great places in the area to consider.

Hyde Park Counseling Center is a residential program primarily focused on women with eating disorders and chemical dependency issues.  While living in a house located blocks from world famous Bayshore Boulevard, residents participate in individual, group, and family therapy sessions. One of the major techniques implemented in the recovery process is the well-known 12-step program. If a woman in your life needs a place to turn for help, Hyde Park Counseling Center is built especially for her.

Drug Rehab Tampa, is a string of treatment and rehabilitation centers in Tampa. Each center has a specific niche to help clients on a more personalized level. The centers include alcohol rehab, addiction rehab, and drug rehab. Depending on the level of treatment needed, it can be obtained via inpatient or outpatient services.  Clients are encouraged to defeat their addictions with the help of family, friends, and 12 step program.  No patient is moved along through the program until they are ready to make the next step in competing with their addiction.

Some of the biggest addictions facing us today are eating disorders.  Many people don’t realize they have an issue with food until someone close points it out, and others know from the onset.  A great rehab center in Tampa is USF’s Hope House, a vision brought to life by the Center for Eating and Weight Disorders. This intensive outpatient program is a free service provided to those needing a higher dosage of treatment than normal outpatient programs. The group sessions teach transitioning back to daily activities, food management, and dialectical behavior treatment to name a few.

Addictions are real and sometimes beyond our control. Let’s not focus on what your addiction has done to you in the past, let’s make sure it does not negatively affect your future by reaching out for help at the rehabilitation and recovery clinics in Tampa.

Here are more rehabilitation clinics in Tampa to consider for treatments:

Turning Point of Tampa

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