We’ve all done the same health resolutions before: loss weight, eat better, work out, drink more water. We tell our friends about our goals and promised we’ll make it this year -- only to give up two weeks into the year.

It’s so true that the second Friday in January is officially dubbed “Quitter’s Day” because it’s the day that most people give up their resolutions.

But this year can be different.

This can be the year that you pick a resolution and stick to it well into February and beyond. You just have to choose resolutions that are right for you. Check out these four often overlooked health resolutions to stick to this year.

Apply Sunscreen Daily

Welcome to Florida, where you get sunburned in January. Regardless of your skin type or daily time spent outside, make a point to apply sunblock (at least on your face) every day before you leave the house.

Many companies make moisturizers for both men and women with high SPF levels so you don’t have to smell like Banana Boat or feel sticky all day. This is a small way to prevent cancer and keep your skin looking young and healthy.

Go Get Your Annual Check-Up

Has it been years since you last visited the dentist? Was your last doctor a pediatrician? It is time to start going to annual check-ups and appointments to review your health. These appointments can catch problems early on while helping doctors benchmark your vitals, blood, and other bodily elements.

Plus, if you schedule your appointments in January, you will be done with your resolutions by the end of the year!

Don’t Wait to Take Care of Health Issues

Another way to take care of your health in 2019 doesn’t even require preplanning. It simply requires you to be more mindful and proactive about your wellness when you get sick or injured. In 2019, don’t wait for health issues to get worse. Take care of yourself immediately.

Whether it’s seeing a doctor instead of waiting until three days into your flu or visiting a doctor immediately after a small car accident even if you feel fine -- don’t wait to see if it will get better. Talk to a nurse through a call-in service (many health insurance companies offer this now) or visit doctor to take care of small issues before they have time to turn into larger issues.   

Find an Exercise You Actually Enjoy Doing

Everyone wants to work out more in the New Year, but that doesn’t mean you should join the nearest gym or Crossfit club. Set a goal to test five different exercise activities in January to see which ones you like best. These could range from taking a dance class to swimming to boxing.

If you’re miserable working out, then you’re going to quit, so skip the gym and do something you love.

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Push Yourself to Stick to Your Resolutions

Sticking to a New Year’s resolution can be a resolution in itself. Set a goal to make it past Quitter's Day, through January, and into Spring without giving up your health goals.

Your body will thank you for it and you can enjoy the inner pride of knowing that you stuck to your plan!

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