On South Henderson Blvd., across the street from Kahwa Coffee, you will find a new place, open since March that people are calling, “impressive”, “calming”, “restorative”, “visionary” and “diverse”. It's a place where you can find yoga, immersion floating, Bulletproof Coffee and Tampa Kombucha.  Are you perhaps feeling a little out of the know?  Hakuna Matata (that one we know)!  We are here to share with you something special taking place in a one-stop-shop known as Kodawari Studios, a studio setting a high standard for the future of Yoga in Tampa.


Kodawari | A Visionary Look at the Future of Yoga in Tampa

From the beautifully designed space to the effervescent owner Annette Scott, a ten-year yoga instructor at Yogani, everything about your first visit to Kodawari Studios welcomes you.  We met with Annette recently to learn more about this unique studio located in South Tampa and her vision as a yoga studio owner in Tampa. 

It is clear within minutes of spending time with Annette, she is firmly focused on developing a yoga community. This is something more than space you pop-in to practice, then moments later crash back into a hectic world.  She established a place where people visit with one another before and after class, a place where you can relax and bond in health and well-being - a sanctuary. She strives to provide Tampa residents a place, "where they can slow down", and as she puts it, “nourish their birthright to a healthy, centered and meaningful life.”

One way Annette encourages clients to mix and mingle is through The Café.  It’s here you indulge in unique drinks like the wildly popular Bulletproof Coffee (an energy restoring mixture of Upgraded Coffee, Brain Octane Oil, and unsalted grass-fed butter), and Breakfast items like Spinach and Feta Gluten-free Quiche, or Lunch and Dinner favorites like Curried Chicken Salad and Wild Rice Chicken Soup.  You can also mingle over snacks like the delicious Chia Pudding made in house, or smoothies and hot teas.

 Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner Kodawari Studios has classes and instructors ready for you. Annette offers 3 yoga rooms, 1 heated and 2 non-heated, 5 massage and treatment rooms and provides amazing teachers.  From the diversity of her skilled instructors, the variety of classes, and the Floatpod®, (a self-contained, temperature controlled, fiberglass pod allowing for a zero gravity floating experience in 1,000 pounds of dissolved Epsom salt for pain relief and improved sleep among other things), Kodawari Studios goal is, “To help people heal faster, grow stronger, relax and get in touch with what it feels like to feel great.”

Kodawari Studio is setting the bar high!

By installing lunar and solar lighting features, specialty yoga flooring, the 1200 square foot infrared hot yoga room, antibacterial, anti-fungal mats made from non-toxic, recycled materials, and the Floatpod®, and by offering massage therapy, a full-blown Café, a gift area with soy candles and locally made trinkets, relaxing body treatments and acupuncture, Annette’s vision is reshaping the yoga landscape in Tampa.  By taking the entire human being into consideration, Mind, Body, and Soul, Annette, and the Kodawari team are setting the bar high!

The word Kodawari means, determination or discernment. Annette certainly is determined to help us look and feel calmer, clearer, stronger, leaner, braver, and better, and as consumers with a myriad of choices, we should be selective when it comes to choosing a yoga home.  A yoga studio should be a place where every detail has been handled for us, a place where we can, “tune in, drop out and dive in" says Scott, a place like Kodawari Studios.

We asked Annette about special offers and upcoming events.  She encourages everyone to stay in touch with her website and their Facebook page as new opportunities and events present themselves.

At the moment you can take advantage of Special Introductory Pricing through September 30th on the Floatpod® experience:


  • 1 Hour Float | $70 $60
  • 2 Hour Float | $120 $110   


  • 3 Float Package | $65  $55 a float | $195 $165
  • 5 Float Package | $60 $50 a float | $300 $250
  • 10 Float Package | $55 $45 a float | $550 $450


  • Yearly Float Membership | $50 $40 a float | $$200 $160 month | $2400 $1920 year
  • As a new student you can save:
  • 10 days unlimited $35 OR
  • 30 days unlimited $49

Additional Ways to Save include Special Pricing Plans for: (See the site for additional details)

  • Yoga Teachers
  • Traveling Yogis
  • Public Servants
  • Full-time Students
  • Pre and Post Baby
  • Pre-Wedding Prep
  • Clients can also receive discounts through Kodawari Studios generous Loyalty Program.

Annette’s vision, passion, heart, and soul shine through every aspect of her business. Call Kodawari Studios, or pop in and meet this amazing lady and learn more about the many ways she can help you discover a healthier, well-balanced future!  She offers nearly 20 different classes for all skill levels and all ages beginning with age 5 and up! Already a practitioner?  Stop by and experience the difference community makes, take a class, relax in the Cafe', get a massage, and decide if Kodawari Studios is your NEW yoga home?