Some people rely on coffee as a crutch. They need afternoon pick-me-ups, never feel like they have enough sleep, and wonder why everyone around them always seems so energetic. If this sounds like you, there could be underlying reasons for your exhaustion.

Check out these six energy-drainers that are holding you down.

#1) Allergies and Hay Fever

Even when most of the pollen is washed away, allergies can still hold some people back. Not only can allergies cause symptoms like itchy eyes and runny noses, but they can also cause fatigue. This fatigue can stick with you for hours even if you aren’t in direct contact with your allergen.

#2) Dehydration

Florida is hot and humid, which makes our state a hotbed for dehydration. You don’t have to spend a lot of time outside to feel dehydrated. A lack of water in your diet throughout the day can leave you feeling tired, even if you don’t feel particularly thirsty. Try to have an extra glass of water or two per day to make sure your body has the fluids it needs.

#3) Too Much Sitting

When it comes to energy, a rolling stone gathers no moss. This means that people who get up and move around are more likely to want to move around even more. Have you ever spent a day binge-watching your favorite Netflix show, only to feel exhausted moving to the refrigerator? Actually getting up and moving around, even in small doses, can have a big impact. Try to stretch during the day and make an effort to move around at night once the summer heat breaks.

#4) Getting the Wrong Kind of Sleep

Most people think sleeping will help their fatigue, but it can actually make their symptoms worse. Sleeping after drinking too much alcohol, sleeping on a bad mattress, or sleeping too long can all leave you feeling worse than you did before. If you feel fatigued when you wake up, look at how you sleep. A few small changes could increase your energy levels.

#5) Eating Heavy Meals

The after-lunch slump is a very real thing. Heavy meals slow you down and can make you feel lethargic. If you eat a lot of heavy food, particularly during the day, you could have a hard time waking up and staying focused. This is why so many people reach for a coffee or energy drink in the afternoon. Their lunch is holding them back.

#6) Hormone Imbalances

Believe it or not, your tiredness isn’t just impacted by your lifestyle choices. Some people eat right, exercise, and sleep well but still feel sluggish throughout the day. When your hormones are off balance, you often feel like you can’t get out of a rut, no matter how hard you try.  If this sounds like you, talk to a doctor about hormone therapy. A doctor can look at your lifestyle factors and see if your hormones might be the reason your energy levels are so low.

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Reclaim Your Energy

Feeling drained can be exhausting. It can keep you from spending time with family or friends and enjoying all of the fun things to do around the Tampa area. Follow these tips to improve your overall energy levels and get back to the things you love!

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