By: Sally Baker

Ok ladies, summer in Tampa is here and with it comes the humidity that absolutely ruins the hair in a matter of minutes!  There are ways to fight off this Tampa humidity when you want to do your hair nicely or just a quick fix that will hold through the weather.  When managing summer hair in Tampa, it is not just the humidity that needs to be worked with, but the seemingly daily rain; this means no hairspray unless you want to have to wear a bag over your head through the rain!  It’s not the 50’s anymore, so this is a no go ladies!

Let’s start with wanting to do your hair nicely for the day or night out.  You have just spent a reasonable amount of time getting your hair ready, and you know what awaits outside your doors… Tampa humidity.  What to do?  Depending on what you are getting your hair ready for, there are several options that can solve this problem.  A wide brim hat is always fashionable during the summer and acts as a sun-block for your hair from the sun, while creating a barricade from the humidity.  Hats work great for both up dos or hair that is styled down. 

If you’re wary about the hat messing up a rather extensive do, try keeping a light palmade in the car or your purse for a quick fix that won’t weigh down your hair.  Managing summer hair in Tampa is possible, you just need the right tools!  But remember, no hair spray!

For those that have no time to do your hair for the day, but still do not want the humidity and rain giving you a less than pleasant look, try throwing it up into a messy, but fun hair clip.  This only takes seconds but looks much better than doing nothing at all.  When having your hair up, you have immediately taken a great an easy step in protecting from the humid frizz or rainy rat look this weather can cause.

Managing summer hair in Tampa seems like an unbeatable fight, but it is definitely a problem that can be solved, you just need the right tips and products to help you!  Head to one of the trusted hair salons in Tampa that will be unbiased when recommending products such as palmade, mousse and other helpful tools that help managing summer hair in Tampa.  Know what type of hair you have, to find the right products that work specifically for your hair type and start enjoying the summer without the worries of humidity effects on your fabulous hairdo!