Today we shine the spotlight on Ybor's oldest and finest tattoo gallery, Blue Devil Tattoo. Established in 1994 Blue Devil tats and handles body piercings too. Their staff is knowledgeable and trained in all aspects of the business, taking pride in the industry they represent.  Read reviews and you consistently see comments like, "Amazingly talented and very professional staff." and, "Highly recommended. Will not go anywhere else."

Step into this iconic shop in Ybor City and the first thing you note is the cleanliness, they are meticulous, which in a tattoo and piercing gallery is a sign of respect for their client. The second thing you notice when a newbie is in the chair is how kind and patient they are with nervous nellies.  According to GM Nick, their main customer is female between the ages of 18 and 40; they are adept at making even the most concerned customer feel comfortable!
Blue Devil Tattoo Gallery has history and heritage, for twenty years they have met their goal of providing quality artwork at a fair price.  On special occasions, like the recent Tampa Noles Ybor Block Party, Blue Devil Tattoo offered $120 FSU Logos. When there is a sporting event or something BIG going on in Tampa they respond with a great deal!

Nick likes to stick to traditional style tattoos where his creativity and expertise comes into play.  He says it's the same for everyone at Blue Devil. Certainly when you view the gallery it's easy to see the talent level Blue Devil requires of its staff. Click this link and upload your artwork to see what they can do for you!