With life completely flipped upside down due to the COVID pandemic, the demand for personal therapy has surged to the forefront.

Today presents a brand new opportunity to gain some new self-help skills and to improve mental health with Brandon's own Stino Therapies/Blissful Thoughts Therapy. Driven by the vision of its founder, Farida Stino, this locally owned counseling office offers a personal and individualized approach to each of its clients.

When it comes to counseling, Stino Therapies and Blissful Thoughts Therapy offer traditional individual counseling, family counseling, relationship counseling, and group counseling sessions.

The goal of Stino Therapies, as Farida Stino describes it, is to empower clients to overcome seemingly overwhelming challenges faced in everyday life. Therapists help clients navigate depression and anxiety, substance abuse, trauma, eating disorders, PTSD, sex therapy, non-traditional relationships, and individual growth.

One of the most unique services Stino Therapies offers is hydro-hypnotherapy. The therapy firm also offers ADHD specific therapy for adults and young people to help those clients manage daily life. In addition, group therapy options provide communal strength and support.

However, a unique highlight of the practice is mediation. Mediation, including divorce mediation, allows clients to avoid hefty legal fees by opting for the services of a neutral third party.

Given the risks of COVID, Stino Therapies has made therapy entirely client-friendly. This business offers face to face, phone, and virtual video counseling for clients to create and maintain positive and healthy mental states. Appointment availability ranges from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday as well as some Sunday slots.

If you're in the Tampa/Brandon/Lithia Springs area you already know Stino Therapies is convenient to you. 

Sessions are also affordable.

There is no better time than the present to work on your own inner self and your personal emotional health, so reach out to Stino Therapies now to see what Stino Therapies will do for you!

For more information, visit the Stino Therapies website at www.Stinotherapies.com or call 813.693.1332.