Can you believe it?  Six months have passed, how can it be, we are half-way through the New Year!  Christmas in July specials serve to remind us, 'The Holidays', they are upon us, and we are mere months away from the temptation and calorie explosion better known as Fall.  How are you doing with your resolutions?  Was getting fit this year one of them?  If so, and time got away from you, it's never too late, and better yet, Title Boxing Club Brandon  and  Title Boxing Club South Tampa have something special this month, something to make it easier than ever to meet that goal!  And no, sorry, it's NOT wine!  (If only, right!) 

Take Time for a Little Red, White and You and Save at Title Boxing in July

This month at Title Boxing Club workout for a better you and save. Hit it hard at these locations where your 'First Shot' is always Free.  No commitments,  you get to try it to see if you like it at Title Boxing where anyone, young or old, male or female, big or small can reap the benefits of a boxing or kickboxing workout without taking hits at one of the BEST fitness workouts available in Tampa.

Take time, try a  Group Boxing or Kickboxing Class and experience cardio unlike anything you've done previously. Combine hit-free boxing, kick-boxing, and mixed martial arts training with an intense cardio workout to tone and strengthen your body.  A Title Boxing Club Power Hour will push you past plateaus helping you meet those 2016 fitness goals.  Whether you'’re looking to tone your muscles or shed some pounds, a Title Boxing Power Hour fits any schedule and every fitness level.

It's time to give it a try, stop in and meet the dedicated trainers who’ help their clients burn up to 1,000 calories during a Power Hour, and become part of a unique, judgment-free community who’ celebrates your milestones, motivating you to better health.

Resolve to Kick that Resolution into High Gear - Re-Commit to your Fitness!

Are you ready to meet your full fitness potential?  When you join Title Boxing Club South Tampa or Title Boxing Club Brandon in July let them know you are there to Celebrate You, and that in addition to your free first class, you want to schedule one-on-one time in a free 15-minute training session. You want maximum results, and Title is ready to deliver the savings!  It's a win-win!  Discuss your fitness skills, fitness level, your goals, and develop a tailor-made program during your free session, take advantage of the free professional advice, I mean....we can all afford Free!  It's time, time for a little red, white and You and Good News....all you need is the right mind-set, the right attitude.  Title Boxing will help with the rest.  It's time!

Take the first step to a better you!  follow the link by clicking on the nearest club to you:  Title Boxing Club Brandon  or Title Boxing Club South Tampa, and give them a call or link to their websites, there is no better time than now!