Now that January has come and gone, many people dropped their New Year’s Resolutions to get healthy. Crunch Fitness encourages you to pick those resolutions back up again! 

Crunch Fitness in South Tampa offers a fun atmosphere for members, featuring hot new workout classes and state of the art equipment. Every one of the trainers at Crunch Fitness is knowledgeable about overall health and available to help you reach your personal fitness goals. Everything is tailored to you. 

When you first sign up for a Crunch Fitness membership, you get access to a Kick Off, a free personal trainer experience to get you well versed in the gym’s features, machines and classes. After your Kick Off, you have the option to sign up for more personal training experiences. Other than that, there are ample services and classes open to you as a member. 

The Camp Crunch Class is the most recent class offered at Crunch Fitness and it is worth every penny! The class is priced at $110 per month and signing up for Camp Crunch gives you access to every class time offered throughout the month. You can attend as many or as few as you’d like! Camp Crunch is unlike any other class you’ll find at a gym.

The best way to enjoy your fitness journey is to have a good time, which is what Camp Crunch offers. The layout of Camp Crunch is designed to let you have fun, not focus on an intense workout. Trainers set up rigorous obstacle courses and relay race scenarios, making a game out of the workout. You’ll sometimes work in teams, racing to do the exercises as well and as fast as you can, getting your heart pumping as you race to the finish line. Crunch Fitness also offers classes like cycling, zumba, pilates and more!  

There are multiple features offered to you at Crunch Fitness but did you know you can utilize your membership status outside of the gym, too? Crunch Fitness has a Partner Perks program, allowing gym members to get discounts and special offers from participating partners. Restaurants, athletic stores and even towing services are listed as perks members, giving you a wide array of opportunities to get the most bang for your buck with Crunch! You can check out the list of participating businesses in the Crunch Fitness Partner Perks program here in South Tampa. 

If you're looking for a gym that will inspire you, educate you and improve you, sign up for Crunch Fitness today! 

Crunch Fitness | South Tampa

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Base memberships - $9.95 
Peak memberships - $19.95 
Peak Plus memberships - $24.95 

Call (813)284-7777 for more information.