For those seeking jobs in Tampa, there are a number of tips and tricks you can utilize to get that ideal job quicker and easier than ever before.  Every day recruiters and hiring agencies are dishing out information on the latest and greatest methods it takes that resume noticed, that interview booked, and that job acquired.  According to, these are four common mistakes many make when searching for jobs in Tampa.

Spending too much time online submitting resumes to job postings - Did you know that with many job postings, the employer has already found a person for the position and only posts the online job listing as a formality?  Frustrating, but true.  Even if it's a legitimate opening, you're typically competing against hundreds of contenders.  Careerbeam suggests that the majority of your job searching time and energy should be focused on networking with people and organizations you're interested in.

Mistakes with social media - Linkedin is the main site you should be using in your job search, but these rules more or less apply to Facebook and Twitter as well.  Careerbeam says employers are most turned off by: 1) Making connection requests to individuals you do not know or do not have a referral through a primary contact 2) posting an unprofessional photo (especially on LinkedIn), 3) not being direct about the career/occupation choice 4) not participating in groups such as Alumni groups, professional association groups, and local job search groups.

Too lengthy or unfocused with communication - When communicating with a potential employer, many fear that they might be omitting something important about themselves and thus, wind up including way too much information.  According to Careerbeam, most listeners will remember no more than 3 characteristics about a person in a first meeting.  So, focus on your three best qualities and utilize statements, in conversation or through written communcation, that really highlight those top three atrributes.

Not following up - You can easily miss out on significant progress with your job search by not following up after applying for a potential job.  It's suggested that you wait five to seven days after applying to follow up with the employer or, if you've gotten an interview to ask what the next steps in the process will be.

Good luck to all those searching for jobs in Tampa!