Say hello to a completely new and novel way to get work done, Tampa Bay.  It's called coworking and it's brought here by CoWorkTampa.

Ok, we should probably back up a bit since many of you are probably wondering what exactly coworking is.  According to Wikipedia, coworking "is a style of work which involves a shared working environment, sometimes an office, yet independent activity."

This means a coworking environment provides a place where people from all walks of life with their own, individual jobs can go to work, share ideas, and more.  A coworking environment is typically beneficial to those who work from home, independent contractors, and others who otherwise work by themselves.

With the popularity of coworking offices rising in big cities like San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City, it only makes sense that a coworking office would eventually pop up in this great city of ours.

It's called CoWorkTampa.  Their space, a historic and renovated cigar factory right off the Armenia exit on I-275, provides a great, affordable option for anyone looking to work in this novel, shared environment.

CoWorkTampa offers a variety of membership packages which include everything an independent worker would need including color and black and white copies, a mailbox, access to meeting rooms, private offices, domestic faxing, super fast WiFi, coffee and more.

CoWorkTampa Membership packages as well as non-member visit cards come in a variety of sizes and prices, all of which you can see on the CoWorkTampa Facebook page.

If you're looking to get to work, be inspired, and share an awesome office environment with driven individuals in Tampa Bay, then check out CoWorkTampa and see what they can do for you. Call now for special rates! 813-466-2435