Job searching, the one thing almost everyone dreads. Maybe you are fresh out of college or you were recently laid off. Maybe you despise your boss or you just don't make enough doing what you do. Well you don't have to just settle for any job. You can use some of these tips in finding the best job in Tampa!

So where to begin? Well first you need to figure out what you really enjoy doing. The best job is not always the best paying job and it's not always the most flexible job. The best job for you is what makes you feel accomplished, successful and maybe even something you look forward to in the morning. Yeah, these jobs are quite rare, but they are out there!

Is Tampa right for you? I might be a little biased, but Tampa is an awesome city and one of the best places to live! But part of the reason I feel that way is because I love what I do. Unfortunately, Tampa is not ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States. The job market in Tampa is sub-par and although you find almost every industry in Tampa, the biggest of them are financial, health care and business services. Just make sure there is a market for the industry you most enjoy.

So I didn't talk you out of moving from Tampa and you are here to stay. Now we start searching right? Not so fast! We want to make sure you stay focused on finding the best job for you. Here are some tips to consider.

1.) Get familiar with the Career Section on 813area at There are several tools, articles and tips that will be helpful in your search.

2.) Use a salary calculator to help find what are the top paying jobs in Tampa. Yes, the best job is not always the best paying, but money does help you feel more satisfied with the time you put into your job. Know your worth, how much do you think you should be paid for the work you do?

3.) Find 3 companies in Tampa that you might enjoy working for. Sometimes you don't get your ideal job on your first shot, you might have to get in the door first and set goals to get to where you want to be. Here are some of the best companies to work for in Tampa.

4.) Educate yourself about unemployment in Tampa and the shifting of industries. A great example of this is the news media industry. There are shake-ups in local news companies like the layoffs at the Tampa Tribune and local radio stations run by Clear Channel. Make sure you are getting in with companies that have growth and room for you to create new opportunities.

5.) Upload your resume on but also on several other websites. Let businesses find you as well.

6.) LinkedIn is a must. That's right, almost every hiring company will be researching you just like you will be researching them. So stand out with a complete LinkedIn profile.

7.) Check your privacy settings on Facebook. Yes, hiring managers would like to know what your true lifestyle is like and we all know Facebook has a lot of dirt on you.

8.) Prepare, educate and practice. You may have found the best job but now you need to get the best job. The more you practice your interviewing skills the more likely you will have at being selected. So get out there and apply for several other jobs just to get the experience.

9.) Once you land that job, tell us about your experience! We want to share your stories so it might help encourage others to keep looking for the best jobs and stop settling for anything less.

10.) Find a new hobby. So now you found a great job and you are enjoying life! There is more time in your day now to keep doing the things you enjoy as you stop complaining about the things you don't enjoy!