By: Sally Baker

Bankers from all over Florida and other states are flocking to the Tampa Bay area hoping to be one of the chosen for one of the 200 new jobs offered from Chase. The economy may be down and out but Chase is making a huge impact with this news.  July 26th and August 4th will mark the day of change for over 3o individuals whose industry is Auto Loan Collectors.  The other 180 + jobs offered to branch managers, bankers and tellers will be handled through the familiar process of applying online.

The 2 days of the job fair, July 26th and August 4th, will be held at 4900 Memorial Hwy. in Tampa at JP Morgan Chase Bank.  The jobs fairs are searching for over 30 Auto Loan Collectors, but other people in the banking industry that are seeking employment need not worry, as they are encouraged to apply for all other positions online.

Banking jobs in Tampa are not limited to Chase, but with over 200 positions they sure do have the majority of the employment market right now.  Make sure to head to one of the job fairs, or apply online and fill out the online assessment.

To stand out from the masses when applying online or in person, become familiar with these tips and tricks for building a resume that stands out and other helpful advice for helping you separate yourself from everyone else.

For a complete list of current jobs available in Tampa, check out the Jobs Page on this site.