The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity recently reported a rise in the Tampa Bay area's unemployment rate over the month of June - 7.2 percent up from 6.8 percent just a month prior.

This is the highest the unemployment rate has climbed since February with an estimated 13,800 jobs in Tampa shed over the month of June, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

But, if you're worrying this might indicate something bigger or troubling ahead when it comes to the economy, don't get too worked up yet.  Unlike state-level unemployment, metro area unemployment numbers - like those of Tampa Bay's - aren't seasonally adjusted.  This means they fluctuate more, especially in the summer months when most schools are typically out of session.

The state of Florida's unemployment rate remained at a steady 7.1 percent in June, adding an estimated 9,300 jobs in June with the vast majority of these jobs coming from the public sector.  Only 2,300 were from the private sector, the Times reports.

Even so, Florida’s unemployment rate remains below the national average of 7.6 percent for, now, the fourth month in a row.

Despite fluctuating unemployment numbers, the Tampa Bay area remains the biggest job generator compared to other Florida metro areas.  Compared to June of 2012, an estimated 33,300 jobs in Tampa have been gained.  This is 10,000 more than Orlando, the second most job-productive metro area in the state.

We'll keep you updated as more news arises regarding unemployment and jobs in Tampa.