The job market in Tampa isn't great right now, and that's being pretty nice.  Cities across the country have all taken a hit as a result of the 2008 financial collapse.  While the job market may not be the same as it was before the crisis, there are signs that it's slowly but surely improving in areas like Tampa and beyond.

When we look at Tampa, we can't help but become optimistic about the future.  It seems like every week we're hearing news of another Tampa company expanding or a new attraction with plenty of potential jobs coming to the area.  This isn't the hard data, of course, but a positive way to look at the market for jobs in Tampa nonetheless.

In the hospitality industry, there are a handful of Tampa-based restaurants that are rapidly expanding.  These include Square One Burgers which just opened a brand new location in Brandon; Burger 21 with two new Tampa locations and other national locations in the works; PDQ also with an aim to become a national chain, and surely more.

The tourism industry throughout the entire Tampa Bay area is also an area that seems poised for potential job growth.  Just last month, the Tampa/St. Petersburg hotel industry posted year-over-year increases in occupancy, average daily rate and revenue per available room for the month of May.  If the popularity keeps up, new hotels, and thus, new jobs could spring from the area in the next few years.

This is by no means a comprehensive examination of the Tampa jobs market, but a positive and noteworthy way to look at the situation.  Jobs in Tampa might be scarce now, but it won't always be that way.