TampaBay Startup week.  Wondering what it is and if it is an event you should attend, or perhaps you are wondering if you will benefit, is this worth the investment of your time? Your time is valuable! We cover the 5 W's (Who, What, When, Where and Why) of Tampa Bay Startup Week 2017 in hopes you can make an informed decision regarding this annual local event. Let's start with the fact it is FREE and geared toward helping you succeed!

The 5 W's of Tampa Bay Startup Week

Local business people in support of your entrepreneurial endeavors host an eclectic schedule of session conferences designed to not only allow you to learn and grow your business but to network with entrepreneurs in and outside of your space.  There is no better way to learn than by experience. Startup Week is a reflection of your hard work and your community's unique experience in entrepreneurship.  As a startup, you have questions, the 100+ speakers/panelists this year are more than qualified to advise. People like: 

  • Helen Bradford Hanley, a Certified Professional Behavioral, and Motivators Analyst, 
  • Blain Barton, 24 years with Microsoft, Blain serves as a Senior Technical Evangelist working with professional sports teams and other customers involving wearables and sensors using Microsoft Azure cloud services and Arduino-based devices.  He is currently working on projects involving sensors and cloud tech. Blain authored "Microsoft Public Cloud Services - Setting Up Your Business in the Cloud"
  • Ed Buckley Ceo of Peerfit.  Graduating from the University of Florida with his Ph.D. while in Gainesville he co-founded Peerfit, a digital community to help people find the best fitness experiences and motivate. Ed moved the startup to Tampa to attend the Healthbox Accelerator where it placed first place in its class. Since moving to Tampa, Peerfit raised more than 2M including a 1.5M Series A. Hosted by Jabil Ed and his panel of equally distinguished speakers including Tampa Bay WaVe's Daniel MacDonald will discuss, How to Raise 1 Million in Tampa
  • Daniel McDonald serves as the Accelerator Manager for the Tampa Bay WaVE. The WaVe mission is to help entrepreneurs and their businesses, he helps Build, Launch and Grow breakout tech companies in Tampa Bay. Daniel also serves as an advisor for Ark Applications, a local family angel firm. Daniel assists startups as they raise money on the entrepreneur and investor perspective.
  • Leighton Kyler CEO of Peak Performance Management has over 25 years of successful experience advising individuals and a broad spectrum of business industries specializing in personal, professional, and organizational development. With a focus on Leadership, Business Intelligence, he possesses the knowledge, processes, and technologies necessary to aide others in overcoming blockers prohibiting success. His session is The Art of Growth Hacking.

Tampa Bay Startup Week is a week-long celebration of your interests and community, where through a definitive schedule of session/conferences momentum and opportunity are offered in support of your entrepreneurship. Do you need to be a Startup, NO, if you operate a local business, Tampa Bay Startup Week is worth the investment of your time.  Sessions include fireside chats, panel discussions, happy hours, pitch competitions, job fairs and more.

Beginning Monday, February 13th at 9:00 a.m. with a Coworking opportunity at Basecamp Tampa Bay, Startup week runs thru Friday, February 17th at 7 pm ending with a spectacular Block Party where you can relax and mingle with your new mentors, friends and supporters in a casual atmosphere. Scheduled for NOVA 535 you can meet Mayor Rick Kreisman, play corn hole, ping pong and enjoy local craft brews with cocktails and edibles.

In local entrepreneurial spaces, we know or want to experience. This event is,  "For the community, from the community."

This is a HUGE FREE opportunity to learn from the best of the best.  Share valuable information about the resources, skills and expert services needed to build and maintain a healthy business. Learn from successful entrepreneurs mistakes, celebrate their triumphs, and take advantage of a vast intellectual think tank with local ties. Choose your sessions, they are FREE.  Ask yourself, What serves me best? Signing up for sessions is easy! Did I mention you can also get FREE Headshots!

Follow this link to the Tampa Bay Startup Week 813area Business Page, then click over to their website or click TICKETS to sign-up for their FREE sessions, here you can view every speaker and session. Sign up for sessions fitting your schedule and your business needs. An invaluable experience, this is one of the best Things To Do in Tampa Bay for you and your business. We hope The 5 W's of Tampa Bay Startup Week encourages you to discover the many ways this valuable local event can and will benefit you and your bottom line.