Alright Tampa, this is it.

They've called us one of the emptiest, one of the saddest, and one of the most stressed-out cities in the country, but now it's time to defend our honor.  It's time to show America what we've got.  It's time to stand up and prove that we are a city of winners because, now one of our beloved institutions is now - are you ready for this - a finalist in the 2013 America's Best Restroom Contest!

Ok, now that you're presumably done with your valiant victory dance we'll get to the details.

The main terminal restrooms at the Tampa International Airport are one of ten U.S. restrooms competing in Cintas Corp.'s 12th Annual America's Best Restroom Contest.  Can you believe it? Because we can't.

Apparently, TIA's main terminal restrooms were renovated as a part of the $30 million Main Terminal Modernization project completed in early 2013 according to the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

TIA's top-notch toilets will be competing against nine restroom heavy-hitters throughout the country including the loos at Alex Madonna Gold Rush Steak House in San Luis Obispo, California; Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Sloan's Ice Cream in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Show 'em what we've got, Tampa, and cast your vote by October 31 in Cinta's America's Best Restroom Contest.  We'll see who's really sad, stressed and empty after this one.