This week's Dishonorable Mention Podcast episode is recorded from the beautiful John F. Germany Public Library recording studio, which is an amazing free outlet for those looking to record music, podcasts, interviews, and much more! If you have always wanted to get into the recording arts, make sure to use our local library as a community resource. This episode sees State Representative Chris Latvala on assignment so we welcome Katie Blaxberg, who traveled to Tallahassee as interim producer (who am I kidding, she's better than I) to bring her stories to the pod. 

  • 0:42: Intros and BREAKING NEWS! Thanks, everyone!
  • 4:52: Chris has a press conference in Clearwater launching his website advocating for Jordan’s Law. This is a very important gesture on a bill that didn't pass last session, and Chris means business for 2020. We fully support his petition!
  • 11:54: #DemDebatesPt2 are happening currently. How has this administration affected current party affiliation? Katie tells her story of changing parties during the last election cycle. 
  • 19:17: How should the news be reported in regards to President Trump by the media?
  • 23:38: What are the three main issues that people will make their voter decisions on in 2020?
  • 38:56: What do you want the main issues to be?
  • 42:56: President Trump calls out Elijah Cummings and Baltimore, how did this come about? What are the hosts' reactions?
  • 46:29: Politics or pizza toppings? Easier topic to get folks to agree on?
  • 49:10: Ernest talks about a project he's working on
  • 51:27: This week's #Floridaman story, shout-outs, and send-off!

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