Dishonorable Mention gets the old band back together to discuss all things that have happened this past week and a little about ourselves! 

  • 0:42: Intros and the city of Clearwater electing a sea turtle for Mayor!?
  • 11:03: On this episode of “What the hell, Chris!” Governor Desantis’ call for donations to the Protect the President fund and more conversation on the President.
  • 26:56: The love and affection towards Ernest after his reassignment and a column about Northwest High School senior Jacquez Welch.
  • 32:08: Podcast business and we talk about Ernest’s trip to California. The hosts also discuss the possibility of bringing family and friends on the pod to disclose our deepest, darkest, secrets.
  • 40:42: Should folks be allowed to carry rifles openly? Also which of the dishonorables have a shot a gun at a range?
  • 43:50: We chat about the Tampa Bay Rays’ playoff push and future.
  • 45:42: We take a live Facebook question!
  • 55:07: We talk more about the Rays’ potential future and if other cities will pony up the money to build a new stadium. Are state-of-the-art publicly funded stadiums a thing of the past?
  • 1:01:07: The host discuss transit issues in Florida.
  • 1:04:11: Old fashioned politainment. 
  • 1:13:21: Shout-outs.

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