Episode 12 of Dishonorable Mention is recorded from The Attic Cafe on the fourth floor of the Tampa Bay WaVE in beautiful downtown Tampa after an eventful weekend in Tallahassee. Missed any of the interviews? Check out the playlist in the embed player below to catch up! 

Producer Note: We found an issue with Chris Latvala's microphone in post so his segments' quality will be less than ideal as we turned up his volume so you can hear him. We apologize in advance!

  • 0:42: Let’s talk our Tally trip. Thoughts on Anna Eskimani?
  • 6:33: Let’s talk Byron Donalds!
  • 16:39: Thoughts on Steve Schale?
  • 24:32: Thoughts on Josie Tomkow?
  • 30:36 Thoughts on Nikki Fried?
  • 26:17: The hosts overall impressions of Tallahassee.
  • 45:45: Back #onbrand with out weekly polititainment; where do you take a first time visitor to Tampa? #FoodyCrawl

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And as always; stay active, stay diligent, stay Florida!