Dishonorable Mention Episode 14 discusses the recent state laws involving abortion, vineyard vines at Target, and the host's favorite tv shows growing up. The latest edition brings the heat with heartfelt testimony, heated debate, and apparently a comedic spoof on a famous flop. 


It’s all fun and games until someone defends Showgirls as the pop culture phenomenon of our generation that it is. @davidschmader is a true artist.

— Doc Mastracchio (@DocMastracchio) May 18, 2019



  • 0:42: Intros and multiple states passing the most restrictive abortion laws to date. Why is this happening now? Will this affect future elections?
  • 12:21:  Multiple accidental gun discharges in Publix.
  • 24:04: Vineyard Vines at Target! How the partnership sold out online quickly for Becca and if online shopping affecting brick and mortar stores affects the newspaper industry.
  • 32:14: Growing up what was your favorite TV show?
  • 48:52: Moment of silence for Grumpy Cat.
  • 51:56: Rest in Peace to sports broadcaster Steve Duemig.
  • 52:47: Host shout-outs!

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