Community activist Becca Tieder and Communications specialist Dr. Karla Mastracchio are out on assignment so the Dishonorables invite two special guests to this week's episode; introducing City of Largo Mayor Woody Brown and Pinellas County Commissioner Janet Long! We record on-location at the beautiful Central Park Performing Arts Center in Largo. 

  • 0:42: City of Largo Mayor Woody Brown and Pinellas County Commissioner Janet Long join the pod! We talk fireworks, eating contests, Jupiter Donuts Largo, Clearwater Jazz Holiday and more!
  • 9:59: We ask Commissioner Long what's happening in Pinellas County, the changing climate and how it affects the area, transportation, and her career in the State House.
  • 28:53: We talk egos of people in politics. Does the title go to your head? How do you separate the two? 
  • 33:25: Have people gotten angrier? We ask if politics is at the root and talk about the current administration, the 2016 election and 2020.
  • 40:57: Mitch McConnell. What gives? 
  • 45:31: Mayor Woody Brown, what issues are you working against in the City of Largo? We talk about Green Light Pinellas and transportation issues in the county.
  • 57:56: We talk about the Rays, is it wise to spend money on a new stadium?
  • 1:02:46: We wish the Commissioner a Happy Wedding Anniversary! And our guests' favorite restaurants in the area and death row meal.
  • 1:05:63: Let's talk downtown Largo! And the guest's #1 hit on their 14th birthday.
  • 1:12:35: This week's #Floridaman story! 
  • 1:13:48: Chris talks about a press conference he has coming up in Largo; including a big announcement pertaining to Jordan's Law.
  • 1:21:18: Commissioner Long's six pillars of character
  • 1:22:13: The hosts give their final shout-outs!

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